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The Teachers Service Commission, TSC, has released new recruitment requirements for teachers to be employed by the Commission. Here are the guidelines to be observed when recruiting post primary institutions’ teachers:



(a) Following the advertisement for recruitment of teachers, Boards of Management are required to conduct the selection process for the advertised vacancy(ies) in their institutions
(b) The selection panel will be expected to exercise the highest degree of transparency and accountability, as stipulated in the Public Officers Ethics Act, and TSC Code of Conduct and Ethics 2015. The Head of Institution is required to induct the panel members on the relevant sections of the Act before the commencement of the selection exercise.
(c) All applicants must be registered teachers as per section 231) of the Teachers Service Commission Act, 2012. Those without Registration Certificates must attach a printout of the application form/payment receipt as evidence of application for registration.
However, successful candidates who fail to meet registration requirements will not be recruited.

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(d) Applicants who apply for confirmation of results from KNEC should give the address of the County Director where they have submitted their application.
(e) Applicants working in other Government departments and who meet the requirements are eligible to apply
(f) Applicants will be required to submit their applications to the Secretary, Board of Management of the respective institution with a copy to the office of the respective TSC Sub-county director
(g) Heads of Institutions MUST acknowledge al applications upon receipt and, on completion of the selection process, promptly advise those who do not meet the criteria (specifying the reasons).
(h) The TSC Sub-County Director shall compile a list of a applicants in every institution for ease of reference and present it during the interview.
(i) The date, venue and time of the interview should be displayed on notice boards at the County, Sub-Counties, Zonal and Institutional offices.
j) Heads of institutions should communicate to all applicants through SMS (short message service) 7 days before the actual date of interview. This provision MUST be strictly observed to ensure that all applicants are notified of the interview date, venue and time.
(k) All applicants, irrespective of gender, ethnicity or home county should be given equal opportunity. However, in case of a tie: consideration will be given to:
i)Applicant (s) with disability(ies)
i) Quality of certificates presented, KCSE, KCE; Higher aggregate KCSE/KCE grade should first be considered. If the candidates tie at the aggregate grade the subject grades should be used.
iii) Preference will be given to the applicants who have NOT been previously employed by the commission
iv) The names of interviewed candidates ranked in order of performance during the selection process for each vacancy (appendix i w then be submitted to the Commission.

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a) Applicants must present original and legible photocopies of the following documents:
i) National Identification Card
ii) CPE/KCPE certificates
i KCE/KCSE certificates (include first attempt certificate if repeated exams)
iv)Diploma/Degree Certificates and official transcripts
v) Primary and Secondary Schools leaving certificates

Provisional transcripts shall not be accepted Where names on the submitted documents differ, the applicant will be required to submit a sworn affidavit.
b) The selection panel shall vet each applicant to verify that:
(i). He/she meets the requirements of the TSC advertisement.
(ii). All the submitted original academic and professional certificates, as well as official transcripts are authentic. The Secretary, Board of Management should certify photocopies of the certificates and authenticate the information provided to the TSC County Director.
iii) A proof of application for confirmation of results from KNEC has been
availed where the certificates are missing
NB: The onus is on the concerned teacher to follow up with KNEC for the confirmation of results within 14 days after the interview date.
Where results have been confirmed, the original statement of confirmation of results MUST be submitted together with Application for Employment form
c) Once the interview process is completed, the results must be communicated to the applicants the same day and the successful candidate(s), from the merit list, issued with the TSC Application for Employment Form.
d) It is the responsibility of the TSC County Director/Representative to ensure that the:
i. Exercise is fair and transparent.
ii. Successful applicant (s) on the merit list fill the Application for Employment form.
e) The Secretary of BOM should ensure the Application for Employment form is correctly filled by the successful applicant without any erasure or defacing
f) The completed form(s) together with the other relevant documents should be submitted to the TSC County Director’s office. The TSC County Director, upon verification and ensuring that a the requirements are fulfilled, will submit the recruitment documents to the TSC Headquarters within the stipulated timeline.


The selection panel shall consist of the following seven (7) members:
a) Chairman, Board of Management- Chairman
b) Two (2) members of the Board- Members
c) Head of Institution- Secretary
d) Deputy Head of Institution- Member
e) Subject Specialist- Member
f) The TSC County Direcior/representative- Member



a) TSC County Director- Chairman
b) Head of Institution- Secretary
c) Deputy Head of Institution- Member
d) Subject Specialist- Member
e) TSC Sub County Director- Member
f) TSC Human Resource Officer- Member
g) PA Chairman- Member


a). The Secretary Board of Management shall present a compiled list of all applicants to the selection panel.
b)The selection panel shall harmonize the list of applicants with that of the TSC Sub- County Director and conduct interviews for those who meet the criteria. The County Director should note any inconsistency[ies), make decision(s) based on the guidelines and advise the Candidates/panel and the Commission accordingly.

Applicants shall present themselves in person to the selection panel. The panel shall score each candidate based on the selection score guide (appendix I (a) or l (b).


i) Graduate Teachers

Applicants must have a minimum mean grade of C+ (plus) at KCSE and C+ (plus) in each of the two teaching subjects or two (2) principles and one () subsidiary pass at ‘A’ Level. In addition, they must have:
a) A Bachelor of Education Degree with two (2) teaching subjects.
b) A Bachelor of Science or Arts Degree plus a Post Graduate Diploma in
Education(PGDE) with two teaching subjects.
c). Bachelor of Science with EducationBachelor of Arts with Education with two teaching subjects.

(i) Bachelor of Education holders with a mean grade of C Plain and C Plain in the two teaching subjects at KCSE and have undertaken a Diploma i Education or gone through the A level system in the relevant area(s) are eligible.
(ii) Bridging /Pre-university certificates for those who completed the bridging course before December 31St 2015 can be considered.

(ii) Diploma Teachers

Applicants must have a minimum mean grade of C+ (plus) at KCSE or its equivalent with at least C+(plus) (or credit pass) in the two teaching subjects or one (I) principle and two (2) subsidiaries at ‘A’ level. In addition, they must have a Diploma in Education from a recognized teacher training Institution.
NB: Diploma Teachers who graduated on or before 2008 with a mean grade of C (plain) and C (plain) in the two teaching subjects are eligible.

iii ) Technical Teachers.

Applicants must have a minimum mean grade of C+ (plus) at KCSE or its equivalent with at least C+(plus) (or credit pass) in the two teaching subjects or one () principle and two (2) subsidiaries at ‘A’ level In addition, they must have:
(a) Bachelor of Education Technology (Bed TECH). OIR
(i) Bachelor of Science (Bsc) in any relevant technical
Subject[s)/ Course.
(ii) Higher Diploma in a Technical course or
(iii) A Diploma in a Technical Course Further, they should have a Diploma in Technical Teacher Education from Kenya Technical Teachers College (KTTC) or a Post Graduate Diploma in Education (PGDE) from a recognized University
(c) Persons With Disability (PWD) Hearing impaired and Blind, are admitted for training with mean grade of C and C in the two teaching subjects thus are eligible
(d) For applicants trained in Special Needs Education, KSL and Braille are
considered as teaching subjects e.g. Biology/KSL, Geography/Braille.
1) Candidates whose training is in subjects that are currently not in the curriculum do not qualify, irrespective of their having undertaken a Post Graduate Diploma in Education (PGDE) and enhancement. e.g. Bachelor of Science /Bachelor of Arts in:

  • Natural Resources
  • Meteorology
  • Forestry
  • Animal Husbandry
  • Horticulture
  • Farm Machinery
  • Fisheries
  • Anthropology
  • sociology
  • Theology/Divinity
  • Journalism etc.
    2) Applicants with Economics/Commerce/Accounting, Social Education and Ethics (SEE) can apply for Business Studies and CRE/IRE vacancies respectively.
    3)Diploma Teachers with English/other subject qualify for employment as English/Literature teachers.
    4) All applicants must have studied the two teaching subjs at KCSE except for Agriculture, Business Studies, Home Science, and Computer. where an applicant did not study business Studies and Computer, he/she should have attained a minimum of C+ (Plus) in Mathematics in KCSE. where an applicant did not study Agriculture and Home science, he/she should have attained a minimum of C+ in Biology at KCSE
    (i) Graduate Teachers should have studied a minimum of eight (8)
    course units in each teaching subject.
    (i) Candidates presenting enhancement certificate(s)/official transcripts in a teaching subject(s) from recognized institution (s) qualify for employment.
    (ii) Applicants previously employed under contract and whose services were terminated due to inadequate units in teaching subjects and have since obtained enhancemen certificates with adequate units are eligible to apply
    (iv) Applicants applying for computer studies MUST have taken a course on teaching methods.


The County Directors should:
i. Ensure that the employment forms have all the attachments required.
ii. Vet the recruitment documents to verify that the applicant(s) recruited qualify for employment as per the provisions of the recruitment guidelines
iii. Ensure the Principal has signed section C of the employment form confirming the candidate qualifies/merits to be employed.
iv. Compile any complaints received and submit report on appropriate action taken or recommendations to the Commission.


The TSC County Director is required to hand over the following documents to the TSC Headquarters:
(a) Duly filled application form(s) for employment together with a copy of the acknowledgement of receipt of application for employment, certified copies of academic certificates, professional certificates and all official transcripts, identity card and two passport size photographs in respect of successful candidate(s).
(b) A list of all applicants in order of merit for the advertised vacancies in Appendix (II (clearly mark the candidates who failed to attend the interview).
(c) Duly signed minutes of the Board of Management.
(d) A commitment letter duly signed by the candidate binding him/her to teach in the station for a minimum period of five (5) years, and 3 years in the case of North Eastern region
(e) Completed selection score guide duly signed
(f) Copy of teacher registration certificate/evidence of application for registration.
(g) Certified copy of the bank plate
[h) Duly completed pay point particulars form
(i) Copy of KRA PIN certificate
(j) Copy of NHIF certificate
(k) List of applicants who are Persons with Disabilities (PWD).


a) Any candidate who is dissatisfied with the process can make a complaint in writing to the TSC County Director not later than seven (7) days after the selection process and send a copy to the TSC Headquarters.
b The TSC County Director should within 7 days address all complaints raised after the selection process has been completed and thereafter inform the headquarters on the action taken.


a) Under no circumstances shall the Application for Employment form be defaced or photocopied for use.
b Clarification and advice on issues of qualifications arising from these guidelines, should be sought from the TSC County Directors or the TSC Headquarters if need be using the following numbers 0202892193, 0202892135 or 0202892133, 0202892171
c) Whereas the Commission has delegated its teacher recruitment function, pursuant to Section 20 of the TSC Act, t shall continue exercising this mandate directly as stipulated under Article 237 of the Constitution.
Attached find the following Appendices for use during the selection exercise:
Appendix i: a). Selection Score Guide for Secondary Schools
b). Grading System
Appendix ii: Checklist (TSC and BOM)
Appendix III: List of interviewed candidates.
Appendix IV: Declaration form I
Appendix V: Declaration form II
Appendix VI: List of applicants with special needs

The successful applicants will be required to submit the following to the Secretary, Board of

  1. Duly signed application for employment letter
  2. Duly signed commitment letter to serve in the school for a minimum period of five (5) years and three (3) years in the case of North Eastern region
  3. Original and certified copies of the following
    i. National Identity card (both sides)
    li. 2 passport size photographs
    ii. Certificates and testimonials KCPE/CPE, ‘O’ Level (KCSE), ‘A’ LEVEL,
    Degree, Diploma/SI.
    iv. Official Academic transcripts
    v. Teacher Registration certificate/evidence of application for registration.
    vi. KRA PIN certificate
    vii. Bank Plate
    viii.Duly filled pay point particulars form
    ix. NHIF card
    x. Primary and secondary school leaving certificates
    xi. Acknowledgement of receipt of application for employment
    NB: The Principal/Secretary Board of Management is expected to verify and certify all the
    above documents.
    The Secretary, Board of Management is required to submit the following to the TSC Sub – County Director
  1. Minutes of the selection panel duly signed
  2. Completed selection score guide duly signed
  3. Duly signed commitment letter to serve in the school for a minimum period of five
    (5) years and three (3) years in the case of North Eastern region
  4. Certified copies of the following:
    i. National ldentity card (both sides)
    ii. 2 passport size photographs
    ii. Certificates and testimonials – KCPE/CPE, ‘O Level (KCSE), ‘A’ LEVEL,
    Degree, Diploma/SI
    iv. Official Academic transcripts
    V. Teacher Registration certificate/evidence of application for registration.
    vi. KRA PIN certificate
    vii. Bank Plate
    viii.Duly filled pay point particulars form

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    В зависимости от глубины бурения скважин и типа почвы компания “БухтехСервис” применяет 2 способа бурения.
    Роторный способ бурения.
    Выполняем с помощью передвижной буровой установки УРБ–2а2 на шасси ЗИЛ–131. Применяемый инструмент – шарошечные долота с широким диапазоном диаметров 75-300 мм. Благодаря универсальности этого способа с легкостью разрушаются мягкие и твердые горные грунтовые слои.
    Вращательную мощность ротор направляет долотом на рабочую колонну. Для удаления разрушенной породы делают промывку через буровой насос с помощью специальных полимеров. После того, как пройдена бурением первая часть скважины, опускают первую обсадную колонну (кондуктор), чтобы перекрыть слабые неустойчивые породы и верхние водоносные горизонты, производят гидроизоляцию затрубного пространства, закачивают в него приготовленную смесь с цементом. Бурение скважины продолжается долотом меньшего диаметра внутри обсадных труб до отмеченной глубины, затем в скважину опускают следующую обсадную колонну или эксплуатационную колонну, которая будет находиться в водоносном слое.
    Роторный метод обладает высокой продуктивностью и способностью обрабатывать любой тип почвы, но также и более дорогостоящий нежели шнековый.
    Шнековый способ бурения
    Популярен среди населения по причине своей простоты и доступности. Его используют в рыхлой почве и грунте средней твердости. Отличительным в технологии бурения шнеком является то, что отсутствует необходимость в промывке водой, так как снятие набившихся разломанных слоев почвы осуществляет шнек. Все дело в скорости обрабатывания. Но если в почве попадутся камни, использование шнека станет проблематично. Рационально использовать этот метод при строительстве скважин малой глубины в почве.
    Несомненный плюс в пользу способа бурения с применением шнека – доступная стоимость.
    Технология шнекового бурения позволяет добиваться глубины бурения до 40 метров, в том числе и зимой в сильные морозы. Гораздо более глубокие скважины бурят посредством роторного способа. Он справляется с любым грунтом, в то время как шнековый способ позволяет обрабатывать только сухие и не самые твердые виды почв.
    У каждого способа свои плюсы и минусы. При выборе способа бурения для своего случая нужно учитывать тип почвы в своей местности, а также климатические условия.


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