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    New TSC Teachers Recruitment Guidelines, Requirements, Qualifications and Recruitment Process

    FAQs on Recruitment, Staffing and Promotions

    1.  Why have I not been promoted after completion of 3 years and yet it is automatic ?
    • Lack of appraisal report.

     2. Promotion through interviews (M – R): Why have I not been promoted after several interviews ?

    1. Inadequate budgetary promotion.
    2. Lack of adequate preparation for interviews by teachers

    3.  Why is my transfer request not granted after several applications?

    1. Lack of replacement/ vacancy.
    2. Not completed the 5 year mandatory rule since employment.

    4.  Deployments: Why was I demoted from Headship ?

    1. Adverse repots (Financial etc)
    2. Poor performance (Curriculum implementation & Supervision)

    5.  Posting: Why was I not posted to schools of my choice after study leave/discipline ?

    1. Postings are done for equitable distribution of teachers.
    2. Lack of vacancy.

     6. Posting: Why was my appeal to alternative stations not granted?

    1. Postings are done for equitable distribution of teachers.
    2. Lack of vacancy.

    7.  Recruitment: Why was our school not given any slots for recruitment ?

    1. Overall vacancies slots given are very few in comparison to the total shortage.

    8.  Recruitment: Is the TSC considering teachers with disabilities on the 5% affirmative action ?

    They have to apply and attend interviews. They are given preference where there is a tie between to applicants.

     9. Why are teachers with below C Plain being left out yet they have Completed University training ?

    The Commission has set the minimum requirements for persons entering the teacher service.

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