TSC medical cover for teachers by AON in the limelight over poor services

The AON Minet medical scheme for TSC teachers is on the spotlight over concerns of provision of poor services. This is after the Kisumu County Woman Representative Rose Nyamunga petitioned the Senate to dig deep into the scandal-ridden multi-million medical cover.

Below is the petition by Hon. Nyamunga;

Pursuant to standing order No. 47, I wish to rise to make a statement under the topic Humiliation faced by teachers under AON MINET medical insurance

Mr. Speaker,

The teachers of this country are a frustrated lot and they feel their lives have been subjected and potentially endangered by the poor AON MINET Kenya medical insurance cover. Quality, accessible and affordable healthcare is a right to every Kenyan. However, the teachers have alleged that the services offered by AON MINET are not only poor but also too restrictive to benefit them.

Mr. Speaker,

Some of the issues raised by teachers of this country with regards to the services they get include;

  • Very low capitation on outpatient services e.g some capped at as low as ksh. 900 inclusive of doctor’s consultations, tests and drugs.
  • Restrictions on the hospitals to visit..some of which they claim are not well equipped .
  • Delays in approvals which sometimes last upto one month…considering that this is about the lives of teacher, it is really absurd.
  • There are cases where hospitals have turned away teachers insured by AON MINET because of the challenges they face while laying claim .
  • Some facilities that are approved by AON MINET lack qualified personnel
  • Some health facilities such as Bliss operate only between 8am and 5pm which therefore, makes it difficult for teachers who fall ill at night to get help
  • On dental services, only tooth extraction is catered for by AON MINET. Other crucial services like cleaning, refilling, root canalling, tooth replacement are not taken care of.Bottom of Form

Mr. Speaker,

Considering that teachers are playing a crucial role in shaping up the future generation of this country, it beats logic why they cannot get the best of health services available.

The idea to introduce a medical cover for teachers was very good because it was a step in the right direction. However, there appears to be glaring gaps and challenges that must be addressed by the employer immediately.

Mr. Speaker,

The same teachers are facing double deduction both by NHIF and AON MINET yet, despite the significant deduction on they pay slip, there are no commensurate services.Bottom of Form

Mr. Speaker,Bottom of Form

If we cannot treat our teachers with dignity then we have lost it as a country because it is the same teachers who handle the future generation of this country. When a teacher is frustrated, the trickle-down effect will definitely affect our children.

 Mr. Speaker,

With the global pandemic and the announcement about the reopening of schools, it is prudent that the Teachers Service Commission address some of these concerns raised by the teachers of this country. The fear of second wave of the virus is real and our teachers must feel safe too.          


Mr. Speaker,                                                                                                               

It behooves any government to offer quality and affordable healthcare to her citizens. The president on the Big Four Agenda had a good intention of ensuring that healthcare is not only made accessible but also affordable and of the highest quality. It is my hope that the Teachers Service Commission will address these concerns raised by teachers.

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