Soy MP writes to Speaker proposing motion on Abolition of Senate.

Soy MP, Kositany

Soy Member of Parliament, Caleb Kositany, has written to the Speaker of National Assembly for introduction of a Bill to ammend the Constitution to abolosh the Senate and positions of Nominated Members of Parliament. In a bid to arrest the run away wage Bill, the Soy legislator proposes scrapping of the whole Senate and Nominated Members of Parliament (at National assemblies) and Members of County assemblies (MCAs).

“These positions attract a cost in excess of Kshs. 3 Billion annually which constitutes a heavy burden on the tax payer”, writes Hon. Soy in a memo sent to the Speaker of National Assembly, Mr. Muturi. This comes at the backdrop of increased taxes after the president reviewed them upwards. Read more..

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“Pursuant to standing Order 117.1 wish to state that the object of the Bill is to reduce the overall cost of representation of the public, reduce the public wage Bill and to promote the prudent use of public funds”, adds Kositany.

Hon. Kositany now wants the Speaker to authorize the Legal Services Directorate to assist him in the formulation of the Bill. The sharply divided Members of Parliament are set to discuss the President’s tax review proposals, tomorrow.



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