Medical Services offered at Oasis Health Facilities

Photo- Oasis Health Doctors' Plaza

The human body, as it is, suffers from a myriad of ill health conditions. The clamour for specialist medical attention ensues whenever one falls sick. Oasis Health Doctor’s Plaza is a privately run facility that provides a wide range of specialist medical services. One main advantage accruing from Oasis Health facilities is that you are able to get specialists for all medical conditions under one roof. Medical services provided in these facilities include:

  • General Outpatient consultations
  • Laboratory tests
  • Orthopaedic clinic
  • Paediatrics clinic
  • Dental clinic
  • Physiotherapy
  • Ultra sound
  • Skin care clinic
  • Neurology
  • Theatre services
  • Pharmacy services
  • Gynecology
  • Cancer Center
  • Surgical clinic
  • Eye clinic
  • Ultra sound guided biopsy

Specialists found at Oasis Health facilities are: Consultant Paediatrician, Consultant Physician, Consultant Obstetrician, Radiologist, Pathologist, Dentist, Trauma Surgeon, General Surgeon and Consultant Psychiatrist. Others are: Neurosurgeon, Dermatologist and General Practitioners.

Next time you feel unwell, do not hestitate to visit Oasis Medical facilities. The main undoing in most private medical institutions is their comparatively higher charges.


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