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IEBC list of elected and gazetted MCAs 2022 per County (Migori) plus votes garnered


IN EXERCISE of the powers conferred by Articles 88(4) and 177 (1) (a) of the Constitution, section 4 of the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission Act, 2011, Sections 38, 39 (1) and (1A) (i) of the Elections Act, 2011 and Regulation 83 (1) (a), (e), (f) (i) and (g) of the Elections (General) Regulations, 2012 the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission hereby declares that the persons whose names are listed in the schedule hereunder were elected as members of the various County Assemblies having received the majority of the votes cast in the election held 9th August, 2022 and complied with the provisions of the Elections Act, 2011 and the Constitution.

And that;

a) The respective Codes to the Counties are listed in the First Column to the schedule.
b) Every County name is listed in the Second Column to the schedule.
c) Each Constituency is assigned a Constituency Code number in the Third Column to the schedule.
d) The names of the Constituencies are specified in the Fourth Column to the schedule.
e) Each County Assembly Ward is assigned a Code number in the Fifth Column to the schedule.
f) The names of the County Assembly Wards are specified in the Sixth Column to the schedule.
g) Every Surname of the elected member is listed in the Seventh Column to the Schedule.
h) The other names of the elected member are listed in the Eighth Column to the Schedule.
i) The elected member’s Political Party/ Independent name is indicated in the Ninth Column to the schedule.
j) The abbreviation of the elected member’s Party /Independent abbreviation is indicated in the Tenth Column to the schedule.
k) The votes garnered by the elected persons are indicated in the Eleventh Column to the schedule.

County Name Constit uency Code Constituency Name County Assembly Ward
County Assembly Ward Name Surname Other Names Political Party Name Abbreviatio n Votes Garnered
044 Migori 253 Rongo 1261 North
Oluoch Osewe Collince Independent IND 3,289
044 Migori 253 Rongo 1262 Central Kamagambo Akal Jacob Calebs Orange
Democratic Movement
ODM 12,541
044 Migori 253 Rongo 1263 East Kamagambo Nyaoke Simon Orange Democratic
ODM 5,861
044 Migori 253 Rongo 1264 South Kamagambo Agai Collins Ochieng’ Orange Democratic
ODM 5,011
044 Migori 254 Awendo 1265 North Sakwa Mikwaya William Obonyo Orange Democratic
ODM 4,363
044 Migori 254 Awendo 1266 South Sakwa Ouma Edward Ooro Orange
Democratic Movement
ODM 6,684
044 Migori 254 Awendo 1267 West Sakwa Owiyo Otieno Nestory Independent IND 4,479
044 Migori 254 Awendo 1268 Central
Migose Esther Auma Independent IND 4,862
044 Migori 255 Suna East 1269 God Jope Koyoo Onyando Charles Orange
Democratic Movement
ODM 4,595
044 Migori 255 Suna East 1270 Suna Central Ochieng Samwel Obrien Orange Democratic
ODM 6,691
044 Migori 255 Suna Est 1271 Kakrao Martine Tobius Okelo Orange Democratic
ODM 5,873
044 Migori 255 Suna East 1272 Kwa Ongele Caleb Owuor Orange Democratic
ODM 3,742
044 Migori 256 Suna West 1273 Wiga Were Robert John Orange Democratic
ODM 5,496
044 Migori 256 Suna West 1274 Wasweta Ii Omondi Erickson
Independent IND 3,227
044 Migori 256 Suna West 1275 Oruba Ragana Onyancha Beatrice Akomo Orange Democratic
ODM 7,120
044 Migori 256 Suna West 1276 Wasimbete Mirimbo Julius Otieno Orange
Democratic Movement
ODM 3,786
044 Migori 257 Uriri 1277 West
Mijungu Peter Ochieng’ Independent
IND 5,261
044 Migori 257 Uriri 1278 North Kanyamkago Omamba George Okinyi Orange
Democratic Movement
ODM 6,183
044 Migori 257 Uriri 1279 Central Kanyamkago Odii Eunice Apiyo Orange
Democratic Movement
ODM 4,512
044 Migori 257 Uriri 1280 South Kanyamkago Angogo Graham Kagali Orange Democratic
ODM 4,323
044 Migori 257 Uriri 1281 East Kanyamkago Ogolla Norman Otieno Orange Democratic
ODM 2,452
044 Migori 258 Nyatike 1282 Kachieng Osodo Brian Odhiambo Independnet IND 3,360
044 Migori 258 Nyatike 1283 Kanyasa Okeyo Paul Ndiege United Party Of
Independent Alliance
UPIA 2,349
044 Migori 258 Nyatike 1284 North Kadem Obonyo Samson Olima Orange Democratic
ODM 6,156
044 Migori 258 Nyatike 1285 Macalder Kanyarwanda Okwanyo Felix Odiambo Orange Democratic
ODM 3,819
044 Migori 258 Nyatike 1286 Kaler Akungo Thomas Omondi Independent IND 1,353
044 Migori 258 Nyatike 1287 Got Kachola Achola Seko Calvine Orange
ODM 2,838
044 Migori 258 Nyatike 1288 Muhuru Munico Lawrence Magubo
Orange Democratic
ODM 3,611
044 Migori 259 Kuria West 1289 Bukira East Mathew David Chacha Orange
Democratic Movement
ODM 1,398
044 Migori 259 Kuriawest 1290 Bukiracentral
Tibaya Gimasejohnson Independent IND 2,131
044 Migori 259 Kuriawest 1291 Isibania Nyamohanga Piusichobwe Orange Democratic
ODM 1,372
044 Migori 259 Kuriawest 1292 Makerero Simion Patrickmarwa Jubilee Party JP 2,198
044 Migori 259 Kuriawest 1293 Masaba Mwita Mohonoclackson Kenya African
National Union
KANU 2,113
044 Migori 259 Kuriawest 1294 Tagare Maroa Moses Magwe Jubilee Party JP 2,128
044 Migori 259 Kuriawest 1295 Nyamosense/ Komosoko Machumbe Joseph Rioba United
Democratic Alliance
UDA 2,335
044 Migori 260 Kuria East 1296 Gokeharaka / Getambwega Nildad Joseph Bageni Orange
Democratic Movement
ODM 2,511
044 Migori 260 Kuria East 1297 Ntimaru West Wambura Caleb Philip Orange Democratic
ODM 2,928
044 Migori 260 Kuria East 1298 Ntimaru East Nyamosi James Wansima Progressive Party
Of Kenya
PPOK 1,609
044 Migori 260 Kuria East 1299 Nyabasi East Daniel Maroa Nyamohanga Progressive Party Of Kenya PPOK 1,738
044 Migori 260 Kuria East 1300 Nyabasi West Magige Sarara David Progressive Party Of Kenya PPOK 2,934



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