Ahead of the KCSE Exams, 2018, Tomorrow; we break down the all important numbers for you with over 40 teachers disciplined.

KCSE Examinations 2018
KCSE Examinations 2018

The Kenya Certificates of Secondary Education, KCSE, 2018 examinations kick off proper tomorrow with all students expected to sit for theory and practical papers, countrywide. According to the Kenya National Examinations Council, KNEC, time table, the students will start off with Mathematics paper one in the morning session before sitting their Chemistry paper on exams in the mid morning session.

Here are the key numbers (Statistics), concerning this year’s KCSE Examinations:

  • 23: The number of days that the KCSE exams will run for, starting tomorrow.

  • 28: The total number of subjects that the KNEC will examine.

  • 664,585: The total number of KCSE candidates this year.

  • 341,089: The number of boys enrolled for this year’s KCSE exams.

  • 323,498: The total number of girls expected to sit for this year’s KCSE exams.

  • 160,000: Degree Slots available in universities that the over 600,000 students will be garnering for.

  • 70: The total number of Public Universities, accredited to offer degree programmes in Kenya.

  • 10,077: The number of KCSE Examination Centres this year.

  • 83,711: Total number of field officers who will be manning this year’s KCSE exams.

  • 10,078: The number of Centre Managers (Principal) who will be in charge of the Examination Centres.

  • 10,078: The number of Supervisors who will be in-charge of examination administration.

  • 37,978: The statistics for the number of invigilators who will monitor exams in the examination rooms.

  • 20,156: The number of security personnel who will safe guard the examination materials and the centres.

  • 5,039: The number of drivers recruited to transport examination materials and personnel.

  • 460: The total number of containers that will be used to store examination materials.

  • Kshs. 500: The daily transport reimbursement that the KNEC will pay the Centre managers.

  • Kshs. 630: The daily transport reimbursement the Supervisors will receive from the KNEC.

  • KShs. 700 Million: The approximate amount that the KNEC will use to administer this year’s KCSE examinations.

  • 39: The number of teachers disciplined by the Teachers Service Commission, TSC, for alleged malpractices during the 2017 KCSE examinations. The Teachers have been suspended for upto 6 months.

  • 1: The causality of 2017 examinations’ malpractices. The teacher has been sacked by the TSC.

  • 29: The total number of secondary schools’ teachers disciplined by TSC for the 2017 examination related irregularities.

  • 19: The number of Primary Schools’ teachers interdicted by the TSC for alleged involvement in examination malpractices during the 2017 exams.

  • 10: The number of head teachers and principals disciplined by the TSC for alleged involvement in exams related irregularities at the 2017 exams.

The KCSE examinations come to a close on Wednesday, 28th November, 2018.

From the Newsblaze digital team, we extend our message of success to all candidates and stake holders during this year’s KCSE Examinations.

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