File Photo- Kenyans in a demonstration against the IEBC
File Photo- Kenyans in a demonstration against the IEBC

With the government recently increasing and introducing new taxes, common Mwananchi is feeling the heat. From increased costs of living and taxes to spiraling corruption, the angry Kenyans cannot hold back their feelings any more! We sample some of the comments as posted by Kenyans on various social media platforms:


Most Kenyans feels that the number of legislators is over exaggerated and are giving various proposals on reducing the numbers:

1. @sabasmagige:
My take on this #WanjikuReferendum .First things first
1. Scrap anything by the name of NOMINATED.
2. Scrap off the WomenRep, MCAs and MPs Position- They are good for nothing really.
3. Remain with 47 senators
4. Do away with 47 governors and remain with the former 8 provinces

2. @migunamiguna says:
Dishonest, hypocritical and cowardly Kenyans must know that a country cannot grow and prosper with the kind of stupidity and permanent lies being peddled in the mainstream and social media. All our so-called leaders are organised criminals. Let’s deal with that once and for all.

3. @benjindolo says:
Magufuli is in New York with a delegation of 7 guys, Uhuru is in NY with a delegation of 70. He likes to ask, mjinga ni nani?

4. @pilycarphinga Proposes:

  • 8 counties with 8 governors
  • 8 Deputy Governors with defined duties.
  • 0 Senators
  • 0 Women reps
  • 210 MPs (Members of parliament)
  • Less than 1000 MCAs (Members of County Assemblies)
  • 0 Nominated leaders in all levels .
  • alternatively, 47 governors, no senators, 47 mps, 210 mcas, no women rep, no nominated seats. 8 Cabinet Secretaries and merged parastatals.

5. @kenny_jameson:
That’s the referendum we want. Kenya is so small for 47 Governors. We also ask for scrapping of county assemblies and reduce the numbed of MPs to 290 plus 35 nominated MPs, senators to be 10 and scrap the women representatives’ seat.

6. @polycarphinga:

We should set salaries for the positions we retain, eg Governor: 300k, MP: 200KShs, MCA: 70Kshs and make sure these people know the salaries they are vying to get.
There way too many Wanjikus (Common Kenyans) and their sons out here who can do the job for much less than we are paying.

7. @lazooj is of the opinion:

  • 0 MCA
  • 0 Mps
  • 0 Women Reps
  • 8 Governors
  • 8 Deputies
  • 47 senators
  • 10 Ministries
  • Life imprisonment for Any corrupt individual No Bail in such a case.
  • Rotational presidency
  • 1 term presidency(4 years’ term limit)
  • Mid term election every 2 years

Gutted Kenyans have this to say:
1. @elijah1334:
Uhuru this, Uhuru that! This is useless. The Kenyans who President Uhuru Kenyatta has chosen to lead in various positions are the ones misleading us.. Check how various ministries are pilfering finances! Kenyans, your fellows are eating you. Open your eyes.

2. @nyandiga001 says:
We could reduce the counties from 47 to 8 but if we have 8 governors operating like Ruto then we shall not have solved the problem. The problem is corruption not governance structure

3.Kenyan budget in summary

  • 30% corruption
  • 30%wage bill
  • 30% Chinese and other loans repayment
  • 10%development. Wasee tujiangalie (guys, let us review our choices)

4. @Koigi wa Wamwere:
Those blaming the constitution for our economic headwinds are being economical with the truth! currently, less than 15% of the last audited accounts is what is being given to the counties. Our problem is reckless borrowing and grand theft!

The Third Way Alliance is pushing for Constitutional review, ostensibly, to reduce the number of legislators. Will it see the light of day or will the politicians block it. For now it is a wait and see scenario as Kenyans struggle with hard economic times!

Disclaimer: Views expressed here are not necessarily those of our editors or news company.

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