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    Top best universities in Kenya

    University of Nairobi

    A university is considered top not just because it can deliver academically but also socially and morally to the entire population. As Kenya advances in close to all sectors of economy in East Africa, higher learning and trusted quality education is of key importance. The tertiary education sector comprises of public universities, private chartered universities, colleges, vocational training institutes and some with the Letter of Interim Authority. To show prowess and get higher intake numbers, here are some of the universities that have scooped awards for both academic and non academic activities recognised either locally or internationally.

    University of Nairobi(UoN)
    University of Nairobi is one of the oldest universities in Kenya. It begun in 1956 and was the only institution for higher learning for quite some time. Recently, webometrics ranked it as the best in East Africa, at position 9, beating Makere university, at position 11. It accommodates both local and international students with a provision of both E-learning and online banking. UoN is a world class university that offers; – Certificate, Diploma, Bachelors, Masters, Ph.D., E.D.D, PGDip, DSc.programmes in courses entailing agriculture and veterinary services, biological and physical sciences, architecture and engineering, education and external studies, health sciences, humanities and social sciences. It has overall achievements in teaching, research and creative works.

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    Kenyatta University
    Started in 1965 with the handover of Templar Barracks to the newly formed Kenyan government. It is the second largest institution in Kenya. Ranked number 2 in Kenya, 1596 worldwide by webometrics. In 2016 Kenyatta university postmodern library won the Maktaba award for the academic library category. Still in the same year KU emerged winner of the OLX SoMA awards in the learning institutions categories.

    Egerton University
    Established in 1939 has transformed from an agricultural based college to a constituent of University of Nairobi, to finally being chartered in 2012 and thus offering other programmes. Ranked third in Kenya and 1881 worldwide by webometrics. Exemplary examples of lecturers turned politicians are like the late Prof Joyce Laboso who have been through the doors of such a university. Interested in agriculture and related fields here are some of the achievements that place this as your top choice: – Tegemeo Institute of Agricultural Policy and development, Crop Management Research Training Centre, Agro-Science Park and The Essential Electronic Agricultural Library.

    Moi University
    Established in 1984 is ranked fourth in Kenya ,1951 worldwide by webometrics. Rift valley region prides itself in this university being the second public university to be established after University of Nairobi. Academic excellence, knowledge foundation and quality work are quests it has kept on the forefront.

    Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture And Technology
    Established in 1981, as a middle level college but inaugurated in 1994. It has a very strong research interest in technology and developmental research. Ranked 5 in Kenya and 2767 worldwide by webometrics. Interested in technology and development this is the right place.

    Maseno University
    Western region has pride Maseno University that was founded in 1991 and chartered in 2000. It indeed is the fountain of excellence with a wide range of programs and E-learning options availed. Ranked 6 In Kenya and 4126worldwide by webometrics.

    Daystar University
    Formerly founded in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe but on eruption of civil war relocated to Nairobi in 1974. It prides itself in modern facilities and a dynamic approach to teaching and research methods. Ranked 10 and 6940 worldwide by webometrics. Gained top prize in google competition in 2016 google online marketing challenge in the Middle East and African region.

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