File photo- Hon. Raila Odinga A.
File photo- Hon. Raila Odinga A.

Why I Support Referendum To Change The Constitution

The world as we have created it is a process of our thinking. It cannot be changed without changing our thinking
– Albert Einstein

Unless one is a true sycophant, Kenya is in the throes of bankruptcy. Our voracious appetite for Loans, Eurobonds and Chinese freebies are digging us in a hole. It is like placing an alcoholic in a Brewery or a gambler in a casino. The only way to stop our Country collapsing is Constitutional Change.

I support Referendum to mark the following changes:

1. Women Representatives, Nominated MPs and Senators …. These Politicians have no work, no Constituency and no responsibilities. They end up being idle and get time for salon or bar or abuses.

2. Reduce MPs in the National Assembly to 180 …. With a population of 400m, US has 435 US Representatives being a ratio of 920,000 people to One Representative.

3. We reduce the Cabinet to 14 …. US has 15 and Switzerland has 7 …. Our Ministries are duplicated and we end up having Ministers fighting each other. And like Singapore, we increase Ministerial Salaries to Kshs. 20m per month praying they wouldn’t steal again.

4. We reduce the Counties to 14 drawn along shared language, tribe and religion like Britain and Switzerland … And Nairobi will be a Capital Territory like Washington in US and Canberra in Australia.

5. Make Corruption Capital offense like in China … Everyone must justify how they have made their money …. All Properties ownership must be put online and public … Tax payments be made public ….. One can’t be a Billionaire without companies that employ thousands …. Only lawyers, Architects, Doctors and Investment Bankers are allowed to be rich without employing hundreds of employees … Those who steal from the public must forfeit all and be shot!

6. Finally, the President must be the leader of the biggest party like in Turkey …. The President must also get at least 25% from Regions that have as the dominant tribe, Kikuyu, Kalenjin, Luo, Kisii, Luhya and Kamba. Other tribes are collateral.

7. All National Borrowing Agreements and Treaties must be made public and approved by the National and all the County
Assemblies …..

8. Constitutional Bodies and Institutions like Parliament, Judiciary, National Police Service, DPP, EACC etc must be truly independent.

The writer;
Donald B. Kipkorir is a managing partner , KTK Advocates.

What is your view? Do you support the current push for constitutional review?

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