Why you may pay hefty penalties for using images of Kenyan Currency without authorization; How to seek permission from CBK

Photo- How to easily identify the new Kenyan Currency notes.

Did you know that if you would like to use images of Kenyan currency for any purpose, you must apply in writing to the Central Bank of Kenya for approval. CBK will consider your application and either allow it or reject it. There are penalties for contravening this. Read the currency handling regulation, below;


(1) Any person who wishes to use cash or images of cash in any publication or for any other purpose shall apply in writing to the Bank for approval.

(2) No person shall use cash or images of cash, current or historical, for publication or promotional or any other purposes other than as currency without the prior written approval of the Bank.

(3) A person making an application under paragraph (1) shall provide;
a) full names and/address of the applicant;
(b) nationality of the/applicant;
(c) information relating to the manner and purpose for which the images are intended to be used;
(d) specimen of the works over which such use is intended;
(e) a declaration that the intended use would not infringe on the Bank’s copyright over the cash.

(4) An application for authority to make use of images of cash shall be considered by the Bank within fourteen days of receipt and the Bank shall notify the applicant of its decision in writing.

(5) The Bank’s decision under paragraph (5) shall be final and the Bank shall not be obliged to render the reasons upon which any decision was reached,

(6) A person who contravenes paragraph (2) or (3) of this regulation shall, in addition to any criminal sanctions imposed under any law, be liable to a penalty, payable to the Bank, of one hundred thousand shillings and to a daily surcharge of ten thousand shillings if the breach is not remedied within the time specified for that purpose by the Bank.


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