Update and complete institution, learners’ details on NEMIS- Schools told

The Ministry of Education's NEMIS portal Log in Screen.
The Ministry of Education's NEMIS portal Log in Screen.

Schools have been asked to provide complete data on the National Education Management Information System, NEMIS. In a communique to the school principals and heads, from the NEMIS technical desk, incomplete data is to be updated for the institution and learner modules by 7th January, 2019. The communique from the NEMIS Technical team to County Directors of Education, CDEs, reads:

“From the NEMIS technical desk I wish to thank you for the support you have given us that has made the ministry achieve. However we note that their are schools with incomplete data under the institution module and learners module. Kindly advice the principals complete data capture especially for secondary schools. As as requirement the ministry is expected to publish statistical booklet so I appeal to all secondary schools to complete the data capture by 7th January 2019.
Secondly you can now access the system by registering your details.
Kindly login by using https://nemis.education.go.ke then click register new to create username and password”

This comes after another communique required the schools to update their bank details on the NEMIS system. Read details here: Update Bank account details on NEMIS- Schools told.

The Ministry of Education uses data on the NEMIS platform to disburse free Education funds and textbooks for learners.

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