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A fibre is a type of a carbohydrate which is indigestible. Fibre intake per day for men should be 30g and 25g for women.

There are two types of fibres:

  1. Soluble fibres: the attract water and form a gel.
  2. Insoluble fibres: They do not attract water but brings the bulk to food enabling it to move down the gut easily.

Importance of fibres

  1. Help in controlling blood cholesterol that accumulate in the body due to chunk food and lack of exercise.
  2. Help in bowel movement and prevents constipation. It helps food to move smoothly through the gut. Holding stool for long periods due to lack of fibres leads to introduction of toxins that cause diverticulosis and even cancer.
  3. Help to remove bad bacteria.
  4. Help in weight management and regulate blood sugar levels.

Foods Rich in fibres:

  • Carbohydrates (rich in both soluble and insoluble fibres). The foods, here, include:
    • Pumpkins
    • Sweat potatoes
    • Arrow roots
    • Pasta
    • Brown rice
    • Rye bread
    • Brown bread
    • Millet flour
  • Proteins e.g:
    • Beans
    • Peas
    • Legumes
    • Green grams
Green grams
Green grams
  • Vegetables: They contain insoluble fibres:
    • Spinach
    • Kale
    • Cabbage
  • Fruits that contain pectin fibres:
    • Paw Paw
    • Apples
    • Pears
    • Avocados

Paw pawPaw paw





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