What is the meaning of ‘Bora Uhai’

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What is the meaning of Bora Uhai? When and how is it used? What is the origin of Bora Uhai? Get answers below:

Bora Uhai is a Kenyan phrase coined to explain the problems that common ‘Mwananchi’ (Citizen) undergoes under the turbulent economic conditions. The phrase is directly translated to mean, ‘better Am alive’. The phrase has come due to the tough economic times and high costs of living facing the Kenyans. Prices of commodities have skyrocketed, corruption is on the rise and the government is making irrational decisions. This has left Kenyans a miserable and helpless lot and thus, the phrase ‘Bora Uhai’. That no matter what, the brave Kenyans are ready to face the tough times head on.

Discovery of contraband sugar and other house hold commodities left Kenyans an exposed lot. But the Kenyans have braced on, finding consolation in the Bora Uhai phrase.

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