TSC PROFESSIONAL MIS-CONDUCT(OFFENCES)/ OFFENCES THAT CAN LEAD TO INTERDICTION/ DISCIPLINARY ACTION: Chronic absenteeism, Desertion of duty, Insubordination, Negligence of duty , Infamous conduct in any professional respect, Forgery/impersonation/collusion/ Fraud and Corrupt deals/bribery, Immoral behavior


The following offences/ misconducts may lead to disciplinary action by the Teachers Service Commission:

1. Chronic absenteeism

  • -Persistent/repeated absence from duty without permission.
  • -Lateness of duty.

2. Desertion of duty

  • -Absence from duty for 14 continuous days (without written permission) including weekends and public holidays.
  • -Failure to report for posting after expiry of study leave.
  • -Proceed on study leave without approval

3. Insubordination

  • -Failure to respond to letters from superiors.
  • -Failure to take up posting after disciplinary process/transfer /deployment.
  • – Proceeding on transfer without formal release.
  • -Failure to forward correspondence by teachers to and from the commission.
  • -Failure to handover/takeover an institution upon transfer.
  • -Administering corporal punishment.
  • -Failure to submit probation report in respect of a newly recruited teacher at the expiry of probation period
  • -Excluding a teacher from the time table without authority from the commission.
  • -Pecuniary embarrassment including, but not limited to failure to honor financial obligation as they fall due.
  • -Failure to submit required reports within the stipulated periods.
  • -Failure to adhere to health and safety rules.
  • -Failure to complete and submit appraisal report.
  • -Refusal to discuss Appraisal Report with the supervisor; or
  • Any other form of insubordination that in the opinion of the Commission warrants disciplinary action

4. Negligence of duty

  • -Willful neglect to perform any work or careless or improper performance of any work assigned to the teacher.
  • -Failure to teach scheduled lessons.
  • -Failure to prepare professional documents e.g schemes of work.
  • -Allowing examination cheating.
  • -Grading fake marks.
  • -Failure to perform T.O.D duties.
  • -Failure to attend School assemblies and official meetings.
  • -Failure to take students for official duty/functions.

5. Infamous conduct in any professional respect.

  • -Drunkenness or any form of intoxication during working hours.
  • -Fighting in public or any violent behavior that may bring profession to disrepute.
  • -Conduct or behavior which contravenes Chapter Sic (6) of the constitution: or
  • -Pecuniary embarrassment including, but not obligations as they fall due.

6. Forgery/impersonation/collusion/ Fraud and Corrupt deals/bribery.

  • -Causing payment of salary to teachers not on duty e.g deserters, deceased persons.
  • -Failure to report offences by teachers.
  • -Forged signatures, stamps.
  • -Obtaining registration through fraudulent means.
  • -Submission of incorrect staff returns.
  • -Submission of forged certificates.
  • -Misrepresentation/falsifying information.
  • -Some exam malpractices/irregularities.

7. Immoral behavior

  • -Sexual intercourse
  • -Sodomy
  • -Lesbianism
  • -Sexual harassment/flirtation/indecent Act.
  • -Love relationship
  • -Sexual assault.
  • -Exposure to pornographic materials.

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