Rot at the universities! Catholic university comes out to deny claims of Sexual harassment and favoritism at the institution

The Catholic University of Eastern Africa, CUEA, has refuted claims of favouritism, nepotism, sexual harassment and assault at the institution. Through a press statement by Ms. Mirriam Chege, who is the Head of Communications at CUEA, the university states that it maintains higher levels of professionalism.

This comes after Dr. Rose Ko, a senior lecturer at the institution, claimed that she was assassinated by the school of Social sciences head of department for not approving the examination set by lectures she considers to be unqualified instructors. Dr. Rose maintained that the quality of education at the university is a risk on account of unprofessional new comers in academia . The Commission for University Education, CUE, appointment and promotion guidelines stipulate that a lecturer must hold a PHD. This, however, has not been the case at the Catholic University of Eastern Africa, CUEA, according to Dr. Rose Ko.

Speaking to the media on Friday, 5 October 2018, Dr. Rose said, “Am the only PHD holder in political science teaching at the institution; most others (lecturers) are just Masters holders.” In a recent incident, Dr. Ko says, the Social Studies head of department (Samuel Nderitu Wakanywa) asked her to moderate exams that had been prepared by her former students who she was informed will be joining the institution as teaching staff against the CUE guidelines. She says, one of the new ladies was a C, average, student during her undergraduate studies and she supervised her 3 years ago. The said lady, thereafter, joined the Masters programme that she is yet to complete. Dr. Rose says that the questions set by the lady lecturer in question lacked quality. “When I looked at the questions, they were not quality questions, meaning nonsensical, idiotic, open ended,” Dr. Rose complained. The lecturer also says that the Lecturer candidates were not trained in International Relations and Diplomacy which they were to teach at Diploma level. She then declined to approve the work.

Dr. Rose says the head of department, Samwel Nderitu, attempted to sexually harass her after rejecting to approve the tests. “I tried to walk away from the room and he tried to stop me from leaving the room. So, he grabbed my arm and injured me,” the emotional Dr. Rose told journalists on Friday. She has since reported the matter to the police and has a P3 medical report on sustained injuries. She claims Wakanywa favours the ladies over men by awarding them undeservedly higher marks. Mr. Samuel Wakanywa is irregularly appointed as a lecturer and head of department as he is yet to complete his PHD studies.

In the presser, sent to newsrooms on Friday, the Catholic University of Eastern Africa maintained that they only hire qualified staff. “We have an elaborate Recruitment and Engagement policy and procedures that ensure that only qualified administrative and faculty professionals from diverse backgrounds come on board as per the requirements of each job opening and provisions of the University’s Human Resource Manual.” Read the press statement. The university stated that, “All our teaching staff meet the requirements as per our quality objectives and standards laid down by the Commission for University Education.” The university insists that all appointments and promotions are purely based on merit.

Regarding the assault of Dr. Rose, the university says that it is conducting internal investigations as it does not condone favouritism, nepotism, cronyism nor any form of harassment and assault.



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