TSC Vacancy- Education Technologists; requirements and terms of reference

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Job vacancies in Kenya.


The Teacher Service Commission (TSC) is implementing part of the component 1 of the Secondary Education Quality Improvement Project (SEQIP) on ‘improving the quality of teaching in targeted areas”. The Project Development Objective (PDO) is to improve student learning in secondary education and transition from primary to secondary in targeted areas. The PDO will be measured through the following performance indicators both in aggregate and separately for boys and girls: (i) average test scores in Science and Mathematics subjects at form 2 in public schools in targeted sub-counties. These terms of reference refer to sub-component 1.2 on enhancing teacher professional development.


The education technologists will be required to create learning environment that support peer learning using Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in the implementation of school-based teacher support system (SBTSS). The education technologist shall perform the following duties and responsibilities:

1. Sourcing for appropriate digital teaching and learning materials
2. Developing appropriate digital teaching and learning materials
3. Facilitate establishment of teachers professional learning community/groups such as WhatsApp, google group
4. Uploading to an online platform e.g. social media platform like YouTube, WhatsApp teaching and learning materials
5. Packaging digital teaching and learning materials in an appropriate format
6. Adapting digital teaching and learning resources for SNE
7. Work with facilitators to enable use of digital teaching and learning to support peer learning
8. Record and upload data on percentage of teachers involved in peer learning using ICT social media platforms

In carrying out their duties the education technologists shall be expected to constantly consult with the project coordinating units on effective implementation of SBTSS activities through use of Information and Communication Technology (ICT)

NB: The education technologists will also be expected to be available on full time basis during the training Duration of service The above defined service will be undertaken for twelve months from the date of signing the contract.


The interested applicant is to submit the following documents in English language:

1.Application for the requested service (max 2 pages,)
2.Current curriculum Vitae including List of relevant trainings conducted and references
3 The documents should be sent by mail or through email, to reach the undersigned not later than 30th April, 2019: The secretary, Teachers Service Commission Private Bag Nairobi-00100

Email: [email protected]


1. Name of client is Teachers Service Commission
2. The appointment shall commence on the date of signing the contract
3. The appointment is a one year renewable contract However; circumstances may dictate an earlier termination.
4. The title of the appointment is education technologist
5. The service will be provided during stipulated times in the year
6. The working hours are 8 hours per day starting 8.00 am to 5.00 p.m
7. The TSC will pay agreed amount for the number of days the service is provided.
8. There are no collective agreements which directly affect the terms of service


Selection of education technologist shall be done competitively to achieve competent officers for the assignment described. Key competencies to consider entail; knowledge in Information Technology, ICT integration in education, computer pedagogy, subject matter and emerging issues relevant to classroom practices, competence in developing digital content and adapting it to local needs. Selection of education technologist will be done by an appropriate selection panel constituted by TSC.


To qualify as an education technologists, one must satisfy the following basic requirements:

a) Minimum qualification of bachelor’s degree in education or Information technology from a recognized institution.
b) Served as a teacher for at least 2 years
c) Demonstrated proficiency in computer use and ability to develop digital teaching and learning content

Added advantage
a. Bachelor’s degree in education
b. Attended previous SMASE courses
c. Active member in subject association activities
d. Involvement in pupils’ science fairs
e. Resourcefulness in terms of publication of academic papers, books and periodicals in a relevant subject area
f. Kenya National Examination Council examiner

The performance of the successful education technologist will be measured against the following standards:
1. Increased percentage of teachers supported in peer learning using ICT
2. increased percentage of teachers involved in virtual peer to peer learning
3. Upload digital teaching and learning resources across all learning areas at least once in a month
4. Adapting digital learning resources to SNE .


  1. Dominic K. Ngovi

    With the government’s intention to roll out and see successful implementation of the new curriculum (CBC), it is good that the TSC, in collaboration with the World Bank has seen it wise to recruit Educational Technologists
    These officers will help identify and build a good stock of knowledgeable teachers for implementation of the curriculum.

    Vision 2030 would otherwise remain but a dream with haphazard implementation of the curriculum whose success lies on good Educational Technologists.


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