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Teacher faces ‘disciplinary’ action for turning down blanket gift during prize award

Copy of the letter sent to the Sihay teacher to appear before the School's Board of Management disciplinary Committee.

A secondary school teacher is facing a ‘disciplinary’ action for refusal to accept a blanket gift during the school’s prize award ceremony. Mr Patrick Shikuku Were of Sihay Mixed Secondary school in Siaya has been invited to appear before the school’s Board of Management (BOM) committee for declining to receive the blanket. According to a letter written by the School Principal, Daniel Oloo, the said teacher declined to receive the gift on 2nd April, 2019 during the School’s Education day.

“The school in conjunction with with the Board of Management organized general token awards for all members of the teaching staff to crown the AGM (Annual General Meeting) event. This was a gesture of good will,” reads the leaked letter dated 28th May, 2019.

The principal now accuses Mr Shikuku for ‘inciting’ other teachers to reject the awards. “However, for whatever reasons, you declined to receive blanket awards when presented to you by D/P (Deputy Principal). This amounted to incitement and insubordination. Your behaviour could have influenced other teachers incorrectly,” notes the Principal.

According to Section 140 of the Code of Regulations for Teachers of 2015, Teaching Service Commission (TSC) may take disciplinary action against a teacher found guilty of professional misconduct like incitement and insubordination. Teachers are tough not under duress to receive gifts.




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