Set books
Set books

It is a big relieve for parents in secondary schools as the Ministry of Education has promised to supply set books for Literature and Fasihi; effective next year (2019). Currently, it is the parents who buy the set books for their kids in forms three and four. “The Ministry of Education will supply English Literature and Fasihi set books to Form three and four students in all public schools in 2019,” Says Dr. Belio kipsang, the Education ministry’s Principal Secretary, in a circular dated 25th October 2018. The Cabinet Secretary advises principals not buy the set books since the ministry will supply enough for all learners as per the provided data. “School principals are therefore advised not to procure the set books for the two classes. Principals are advised to ensure that the data provided for the same (Forms three and four students) is accurate.”


In other far reaching guidelines as contained in the circular, the ministry has introduced a new vote head, ‘Maintenance and improvement.’ According to Dr. Kipsang, the new vote head will to help schools meet maintenance and development needs. “A new vote component for maintenance and improvement has been introduced to help schools meet maintenance and development needs. this will be used for improvement of existing infrastructure or putting up new facilities to ease pressure on existing ones,” the PS says.

According to he permanent Secretary, PS, the new vote head should be used for immovable assets and other form of infrastructure in the school that may require upgrading. Approval must be sought from the County Director of Education on utilization of the funds under this vote,

consequently, the Ministry has slashed allocations to other vote heads and even amalgamating some in order to raise the Kshs. 6,000 maent for the new vote head. Local travel and transport, Administration costs, Electricity and Personal Emolument have been put together and shall now be called Other vote heads with an allocation of Kshs. 7,900 per year for each student in secondary school. Activity fees (meant for Co- Curricular activities at school level) has received an increased capitation of Kshs. 244; up from Kshs. 1256 to Kshs. 1500 for each student per year.

Tuition, Medical and SMASSE vote heads shall receive Kshs. 4,644, Kshs. 2,000 and Kshs. 200 respectively to bring the total capitation per a secondary school student to Kshs. 22,244 per year.


The parents, though, shall continue to meet such obligations as: buying school uniforms for their kids, paying for boarding related costs, meeting lunch costs for the day scholars and ensuring that they clear their fees balances for continuing students prior to the new academic year (2019).

The ministry asks schools not to enter into financial contracts like: hire Purchases, Bank loans and or mortgages without express written approval of the education Ministry’s cabinet secretary.