Mang’u admits the student who was ‘turned’ away by Starehe boys

Mang’u high school has admitted Jack Mbabu (pictured above; in red tshirt) after he was turned away by Starehe boys centre. The boy was denied form one admission at Starehe who alleged his father showed ‘rude’ tendencies during the admission process. This resulted in a scuffle between the school and the boys’ father.

Mbabu scored 417 marks in the 2018 Kenya Certificate of Primary Education, KCPE, examinations.

According to Starehe administration, during the selection of form ones from the 2018 KCPE candidates, the Ministry of Education gave Starehe a list of 24 students and requested the school to consider admitting them. The Ministry then dispatched admission letters to the students. Starehe, which have own admission procedures, then requested the parents to fill and submit the mandatory application forms. Mbau’s father allegedly refused to fill the forms forcing Starehe to ‘reject’ him. It took the intervention of the Ministry of Education to have the boy admitted at Mang’u, after Starehe maintained their hard-line stance.

With the admission of Mbabu having been completed, maybe now the fracas that caused media frenzy can go to rest. The form one admissions exercise was closed on Friday, last week, with the Ministry expected to give a final report in less than two weeks’ time.


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