Immigration Kenya Services- Frequently asked Questions.

Here are the Frequently asked questions concerning the Services rendered by the Immigration department of Kenya:

  1. What are the Passport Replacement Requirements (
    Replacements/Renewal of passports checklist ) ?


  • Online application forms
  • Invoices (3 copies)
  • ID original and a copy
  • Old passport and a copy
  • Recommender’s ID- copy
  • 3 passport size photos

2. What should I do when I want to apply for the new E-passport?
Ans: When doing passport applications, changing from the Old passport to the new ePassport, Kindly select the REPLACEMENT option on the eCitizen portal.

3. What are the costs for the new Epassports?

Ans: New applications costs for the epassport are:

  • A series (32 pages) costs 4550/=
  • B series (48 pages) costs 6050/=
  • C series (64 pages) costs 7550/=
  • Diplomatic epassport costs 7550/=
  • Mutilated passport 10,050/=
  • Lost passport; 12,050/=
  • Please note: The Payments are done via mobile money or credit cards

4. What happens when I make a mistake during the new E- passport application process?

Ans: If you make a mistake on your application form while filling in and already submitted, changes can only be initiated from the Immigration offices at Nyayo house counter 12 (eCitizen counter).

5. Where are the new e-passport application centres?

Ans: Application centers available are found in: Kisumu, Mombasa and Nairobi Immigration offices.

6. Are Immigration online services available for the whole day and week; including weekends?

Ans. Yes. The Immigration’s online resources are free and accessible 24 hours a day from your computer or mobile device.

7. when is a birth certificate required during the new E-passport application process?

Ans. Birth certificate is only required when doing your First application and not replacement.

8. What is the Immigration’s E-Visa application portal?

Ans: E-visa portal

9. When are parents’ IDs required during the passport application process?

Ans: PARENTS ID Copies are required when doing your first Passport application ONLY

10. Who can be my recommender during the E-passport application process?

Ans: A Recommender can be either of the following:

  • Lawyers
  • Religious leaders
  • Doctors
  • Bankers
  • Civil servant

11. What process is used to apply for the E-Passport?

Ans: E-Passport application procedure:

  • Do an online application and payment through https://ecitizen.go.keĀ 
  • Print the documents and attach other requirements,
  • Take them, in person, to the Immigration offices for Bio-metrics –
  • Check your application status after 2/3 weeks.

12. What is required during Passports replacements/ Renewals?

Ans: Replacements/Renewal of passports checklist:

  • Online application forms
  • Invoices (3 copies)
  • ID original and a copy
  • Old passport and a copy
  • Recommender ID copy
  • 3 passport size photos

13. How long does it take to get a new Passport?

Ans: A maximum of three weeks.

14. What is the official Immigration Department’s website?


15. What is needed during work permits’ verification and registration process?


  • Original passport endorsement
  • Original Alien card
  • original work permit
  • Original payment receipt
  • KRA PIN certificate

16. What are invoices; as applicable to Immigration Services?

Ans: These are receipts generated online on E-Citizen portal after a successful application and payment. The invoice reads PAID. 3 copies are required when submitting your application.

17. How do I make payments during the Passport application process?

Ans: Passport payments are done through Mpesa, Ecitizen agent or use of credit cards. The Paybill and account numbers are online generated after filling the application form correctly.


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