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How to Bet On Soccer? Betting Guide

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Soccer fans have engaged in soccer betting for many decades. Recent statistics show that there are millions of soccer fans globally. Some of them place soccer bets regularly. But, less than 50 percent of soccer fans are successful gamblers. It is important to understand the rules of the sport and the styles of play of different teams. Betway offers a variety of betting options. Read this guide to hone your soccer betting skills.

Create a Betting Strategy

Most gamblers who don’t have a betting strategy lose many bets. A simple strategy helps you decide on how much money you will stake and the number of bets you will add in an accumulator. It significantly reduces your probability to lose. Even so, there is no perfect betting strategy. All punters lose bets occasionally. Moreover, there are different betting systems you can use.

Factors that Affect a Soccer Game

The following factors can affect the possible outcome of a soccer match:

  • Styles of play: Top soccer teams have different styles of play and formations. For instance, teams with a tight defense often use the 4-3-3 formation. So, it is necessary to watch previous games to understand the favorite style of play of a football team.
  • Current Form: The form of a team provides an insight into how it might perform in its next game. Sports fans who take part in soccer betting can check the recent form of various teams in Betway. It includes the number of matches they recently drew, lost or won.
  • Head-to-head statistics: Check the records of previous matches when the teams last met. Many soccer teams have a consistent head-to-head record.
  • Weather: Many punters don’t check the weather forecast of certain areas. Heavy downpour adversely affects the performance of most teams. Many footballers play well when the weather is dry and cool.

Three Common Soccer Bets

Many soccer fans place the following types of bets:

1.      Double Chance

This is one of the safest betting options in soccer. It has a higher chance of winning compared to three-way bets. Pick two possible outcomes of a game and place an accumulator or a single bet. But, the double chance has fewer odds.

2.      Handicap

Handicap, also known as the Asian handicap is a complex market. It is common in the Major Soccer League. Underdogs have a goal advantage over top teams. You can deduct or award several goals for any soccer team.

3.      Draw No Bet

The draw-no-bet option has two possible outcomes. The home or away team can win the game. If it ends as a draw, the bookie will refund your stake. Draw-no-bets are ideal for ardent sports fans who read the latest team news. You can place it in a game between an underdog and a top team. Combine the odds that a bookie offers in a win-draw-win market to calculate real draw-no-bet odds.

Many soccer fans wager on the total number of goals that teams will score in a game. Prominent sportsbooks such as Betway offer many betting markets. They allow punters to place moneyline, double chance, in-play, and future bets. It is important to create a betting strategy to increase your chances of winning.



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