Head Teacher arrested for raping a class 2 pupil!


The head teacher to Yard D.E.B primary school in Nanyuki has been arrested for allegedly raping a class 2 pupil at his school. The head teacher, Mr. Charles Waitheka, is said to have tried committing suicide after allegedly regretting attempting such a heinous act. Police officers who were searching for mr. Waitheka arrested him when he was undergoing treatment at Pope John II Huruma Health Centre, in Nanyuki, where he was reported to be in a critical condition. According to the victim, Mr. Waitheka ,who is 58 years old, had developed a behavior of summoning the class 2 girl to his office together with 2 others. The head teacher would, then, order the other 2 girls back to class while instructing the victim to remain behind.

“I was told by my girl how the head teacher has been summoning her to the office and then commits the rape,” said the mother to the rape victim. When contacted by the media, two days ago, a nervous Mr. waitheka said the act is a frame up by the girl’s mother to taint his name and settle some scores. The parents to the girl are now demanding for action and say such cases are on the rise in the area. The girl who is only 8 years old was treated at Nanyuki referral hospital with reports showing forced penetration.

Mr. Waitheka had gone missing and according to the Nanyuki sub-county director , Joel Murage, the head teacher had gone into hiding after realizing the matter had gone to the media and police. “We have not been able to talk with him. He has been out of network for quite some time but I want to believe we will get him,” Mr. Murage told journalists on Wednesday. Efforts to get a comment from the culprit on Wednesday proved futile as he snubbed the journalists and literally walked off.

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