Group of 20 MPs want DP Ruto to take full responsibility for the ‘fake’ assassination plot

Photo/ File- Deputy President Dr William Ruto.

A group of Members of Parliament, MPs, have released a presser telling the Deputy President, Dr William Ruto, to take full responsibility for the allegedly fake assassination plot.

Here is the presser released on Thursday 4- July, 2019.

“Two weeks ago Kenyans were told that four Cabinet Secretaries – Sicily Kariuki, Joe Mucheru, James Macharia and Peter Munya – were suspected to have been holding meetings to plan the assassination of Deputy President William Ruto.

This accusation was then directly linked to a letter purportedly written by yet another Cabinet Secretary, who made these accusations.

However, yesterday one Dennis Itumbi, a blogger and digital communications officer and close political aide of the Deputy President was arrested on suspicion m that he was behind the production and public distribution of the purported Cabinet Secretary letter, which is apparently fake!

As Members of Parliament interested in seeing a united country we make the following demands:
1). That the Deputy President be probed to ascertain what he knew about this fake assassination plot. This is because he is the one who introduced the idea that there was a plot by cabinet ministers to assassinate him. However he then refused to make a formal statement with DCI on these allegations. Kenyans need to
know whether his refusal to write that statement was because he knew that the letter on which these allegations were based, was fake.

2). That the Deputy President take personal responsibility for the fear and concern that the false allegations of his possible assassination caused in all Kenyans; the mistrust and divisions these false allegations created amongst Kenyans based on ethnic identity; the emergence of inter-ethnic tensions due to the ethnic profiling of the purported ‘assassins’; and the fact that such a false claim would easily have destabilized the nation and caused bloodshed. In this regard we expect the Deputy President to make a public apology to Kenyans on causing them such anxiety based on falsehood at the very least.

We also want to congratulate the Kenyan investigation agencies for moving quickly to get to the bottom of this to fully inform Kenyans on the extent of the plot: who was behind it: who was involved; why they were involved; what did they hope to achieve with this false and dangerous plot; (and especially) what role the Office of the Deputy President played in this issue. We especially urge them to tell Kenyans what the DP knew, when he knew it, and what he did about it.

Finally we urge them to charge everyone involved in this plot such that they face the full force of the law, whoever or whatever position they hold in government.

In conclusion we also want to urge the Judiciary to treat this issue with the seriousness it deserves.
The fake letter and false assassination allegation on a person of the stature of the Deputy President could easily have led to an implosion of ethnic-based violence across the country, and destabilized the nation.

Anyone proven to have been involved must therefore face the full force of the law so that the message is sent that any Kenyan whatever their office, will not be allowed to use their offices or access to power to divide Kenyans and cause national instability and violence, especially for political purposes.”

1). Hon Paul Koinange
2). Hon Simba Arati
3). Hon Peter Masara
4). Hon Ruth Mwaniki
5). Hon Jared Okello
6). Hon Caleb Hamisi
7). Hon Richard Onyonka
8). Hon Pamela Odhiambo
9). Hon Elisha Odhiambo
10). Hon Zuleikha Mohammed
11). Hon William Kamket
12). Hon Teddy Mwambire
13). Hon Peter Mwathi
14). Hon Silas Tiren
15). Hon Richard Chonga
16). Hon Ngunjiri Wambugu
17). Hon Mercy Gakuya
18). Hon Babu Owino
19). Hon Joshua Mwalyo
20). Hon Muturi Kigano


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