Delocalization news: 3,094 teachers have been delocalized by TSC

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The Teachers Service Commission, TSC, has delocalized close to 3,094 teachers in administrative positions. Those targeted were teachers who have overstayed in one station for over 9 years and those working in their home counties; mostly head teachers and Principals. The lists of teachers who have been transferred have since been E-mailed to County Directors for them to dispatch the delocalization letters.

Those delocalized have until the 28th of December, 2018, to hand over at their current stations and report to new stations.. Status of delocalization reports will be sent to the TSC’s head quarters by Monday 31st December, 2018. This latest move comes even as unions, mostly the Kenya National Union of Teachers (KNUT), put up spirited efforts against the exercise. The president had also directed the Commission to reconsider the exercise.

This is the third phase of the contentious exercise that KNUT claims has led to family life disruption and stress for the affected teachers.

Here is the memo from TSC;

“Transfer and deployment of Institutional Administrators- 18th Dec. 2018.

Pursuant to Article 237(2) of the Constitution, the Teachers Service
Commission Act, 2012 and the Code of Regulations for Teachers (2015),
one of the key mandates of the Teachers Service Commission is to assign teachers for service in any public school or institution, deploy and transfer teachers.

This is primarily intended to achieve equity in teacher distribution for improved learning outcomes in public schools. In this regard, 3094 cases of transfer and deployment of Heads of Institution in primary and secondary schools have been approved. The transfers and deployments have been undertaken for various reasons including:
1.  Following the retirement of headteachers and principals who attained the
mandatory retirement age in the last three months, some headship
positions fell vacant. As a result, deputy heads who are qualified and
have exemplary performance record have been promoted to headship
positions and transferred accordingly. Inevitably, some of the serving
heads have also been transferred to take the positions that fell vacant.
This is necessary in order to match performance and experience to the
enrollment and level of the institutions.

2.  Changes have also been necessitated by the need to strengthen
management of some of the learning institutions following
recommendations from standards and assessment reports.

3. In line with the Policy on Appointment of Institutional Administrators,
some principals and headteachers who have served for a long period in the same institution have been transferred. It is intended that the
transfer will provide them with a new working environment and also tap into their vast experience.

4. In the course of the year, some Heads of Institution had applied to be transferred to new stations. Such applications are normally considered at the end of the year to avoid unnecessary disruption in curriculum delivery, and after necessary replacements have been made. In making the transfers, the Commission has considered important factors such as number of years pending retirement as well as exceptional circumstances such as health, where appropriate documentation is available.

Accordingly, TSC County Directors should ensure that handing/taking over will have been concluded by 28th December 2018 and a status report submitted to the Director, Staffing by 31st December 2018. Any issues by individual heads arising from the transfer will be handled by the receiving County Directors who have been advised accordingly.”

Kihumba Kamotho
Head of Communications.

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