April 2019 delocalization list for Migori county

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The Teachers Service Commission, TSC, has redeployed a number of principals in Migori county; in April, 2019. Some schools that did not have principals have also been given heads as the Commission pushes through with its DELOCALIZATION POLICY. Most of the heads who will take over at the affected schools are from the Kisii region. In April, 2019, the Commission promised that it will not transfer teachers aged above 56 years and those with medical conditions. Also to be spared are newly recruited teachers and those with physical disabilities. Close to 12 secondary schools in Migori will thus get new principals ahead of schools’ opening next week. The Handing over/ Taking over exercise is slated for 30th April, 2019, and 1st May, 2019.

Here is the list of principals transferred and affected schools in Migori county during this month’s delocalization exercise:

School: Mubachi SecondaryOutgoing Principal: Frank Baraza; Incoming Principal: Kennedy Mitira from Nyamauro in Kisii

School: St. Michael Piny OwachoOutgoing Principal: Okeyo Cornel; Incoming Principal: Antony Oisebe from Bombaba in Kisii

School: Kanga Onditi: Outgoing Principal: Vacant; Incoming Principal: Ojuok Joel Achienga from Tanga in Siaya

School: God Kwach; Outgoing Principal: Vacant; Incoming Principal: Ombere Ibrahim Onginge from Wakula in Homa Bay

School: Kuna Secondary; Outgoing Principal: Vacant; Incoming Principal: Carren Oguta from Opapo in Migori

School: Lang’o Arek; Outgoing Principal: Vincent M. Okinyi; Incoming Principal: Ouma Vincent Auma from Ongako in Homa Bay.

School: Opapo Secondary; Outgoing Principal: Carren Oguta; Incoming Principal: Vincent M. Okinyi from Lang’o Arek in Migori

School: Magongoribe Secondary; Outgoing Principal: Owaga Damiano; Incoming Principal: Onchuru Robert N. from St. Peters Nyamesocho in Kisii

School: Amoyo Secondary; Outgoing Principal: Kennedy Okwanyo; Incoming Principal: Lameck H. Siko from St. Joseph’s Nyansakia in Kisii

School: Makararangwe; Outgoing Principal: Ochieng Isaac Ochola; Incoming Principal: Ongeri Sabera Nyaboke from Sironga Girls in Nyamira

School: St. George’s Kilimanjaro; Outgoing Principal: Dorcas N. Wamukota; Incoming Principal: Ombija Samwel H. from ragen AIC in Homa Bay

School: Siro girls; Outgoing Principal: Vacant; Incoming Principal: Dorcas N. Wamukota from St. Georges Kilimanjaro in Migori.


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