Are you a Helb loan beneficiary? This is all you need to know and do concerning your loan repayment and clearance

Individuals who are beneficiaries of the Higher Education loans Board, Helb, loans sometimes face penalties related to late repayments due to lack of clear guidelines or information. The guide below will assist you to know all information related to helb loans repayments.

How often do you send Loan statement?.

To know your loan status visit our website: Helb Loan

What are the modes of repayment?

Check off system, Credit card, Standing order, Cash/Cheque deposits to HELB Account, Mpesa

How do I pay my loan from abroad?

Credit card or Direct Transfer to HELB account number 300 040 012, Citibank Nairobi. Swift code CITIKENA

What happens if I default?

You will be penalized. For each month that remains unpaid you pay a fine of not less than five thousand shillings.

Can you clear in one installment?

Yes, without any extra charges.

Why charge ledger fees?

For maintenance of the account.

What happens when I clear my loan?

You will be issued with a certificate of clearance.

How do you tell where I am?

Within one year of completion of your studies or earlier you are supposed to inform the Board of your whereabout.

What happens if I overpay?

HELB shall refund the overpayment.

How long does it take to get a refund?

A maximum of one month

What if I die before clearing the loan?

HELB can waive the loan upon request from your next of kin.

What happens if I change employers?

You continue paying with the new employer.

Loans are not recoverable after six years. Is it applicable in your case?


Can interest be waived for Muslims?

No. Accepting to pay interest is one of the conditions to qualify for the loan.

Do you repay the loan if you are on probation?


How do you determine the monthly deduction rate?

We are supposed to deduct up to 25% of the basic Salary.

Payslip balance does not tally with that in HELB statement?

Payslip balance includes both accrued and projected interest. HELB balance includes accrued interest.

My payslip balance reads zero, does that mean I have cleared loan repayment?

Not necessarily. Please confirm with your loan statement and seek clearance from HELB.

Does my employer need authority from me to make loan deductions?


Can I instruct my employer to start deductions without first consulting HELB?


My employer stopped deductions from my pay, that’s not my mistake.

Loan repayment is your responsibility. Please keep track of your repayment until completion..

What happens if an employer does not remit the deductions made?

A penalty 5% per month is charged on the employer for every deduction that remains unpaid.

How do I receive my completion certificate?

1.Send an email requesting for your statement to [email protected]
2.Call our contact centre on 0711052000

No Query Response

1.Access the HELB website and enter your ID number
2.Send an email to [email protected] requesting for your statement

How can I repay my loan?

  1. By depositing cash or cheque into the HELB collection accounts
    2.By direct debit
    3.By credit card
    4.By a standing order through your credit card
    5.Via Mpesa pay bill number 200800
    Note: Details on how to execute the above can be obtained from the loan repayment information section of the HELB website

How do I forward a query to HELB

1.Download the enquiry form from the HELB website, fill it out and email it to [email protected]
2.Access the HELB website and enter your ID number to obtain the name of your account manager and call 0711052000

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