Am not corrupt for heaven’s sake!- Agriculture CS Kiunjuri says after summons by the DCI

    Agriculture and Irrigation Cabinet Secretary Hon Mwangi Kiunjuri (Pictured above) addresses the media after being grilled by the DCI over corruption allegations at his docket. Hon Kiunjuri says he is clean and his name should not be dragged into the corruption allegations.

    Agriculture and Irrigation Cabinet Secretary Hon Mwangi Kiunjuri has come out to express his dismay and anger over corruption allegations. Hon Kiunjuri was on Thursday 14th March, 2019, summoned by the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) for grilling over loss of billions to corruption at his Ministry. The DCI is carrying out investigations on corruption over the Arror and Kimwarer; in which billions have been lost. But CS Kiunjuri says he is innocent and wonders why his name is being dragged into the saga.

    Here is Hon Kiunjuri’s Statement over the DCI summons;

    “I am here because I have been summoned by the DCI Officers through a call and text message over the ongoing investigations into the two dams – Arror and Kimwarer to assist with information. Whereas I support the war on corruption, and recognize that the DCI (Directorate of Criminal Investigations) is doing a good job, I wish to express my honest feelings and thoughts to those who care to listen.

    Over the past 7 months, my name has been dragged through mud, and appeared in newspapers and the social media for all the wrong reasons – from the maize scandal, sugar, fertilizer and now the dams! This has led many Kenyans to conclude that I am a prime suspect. I have been prosecuted and judged by the court of public opinion and left to do whatever I may, to clear my name.

    These are the kinds of experiences that when one goes through, they leave permanent dents and injuries to one’s inner soul and reputation no matter their outcome. My very honest question and one that my family, friends and supporters are asking is this: Why am I being taken through this painful journey? Why does there appear to be an effort to create a perception in the minds of Kenyans that I am a prime suspect?

    My regrets are that this is happening in a country that has one of the most reputable intelligence service in the world capable of providing reliable and actionable intelligence to assist the DCI with information on who should be treated as a suspect and who should be treated as a witness.

    I am not seeking sympathy. I am seeking fair treatment. I will however face whatever is thrown my way with confidence, determination and patience fully well knowing that even the darkest night will surely end.”


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