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Marking the Knec 2022 contracted professionals online at cp2.knec.ac.ke

Knec attendance register 2021
Knec attendance register 2021

KNEC NEWS TODAY- The Kenya National Examinations Council, KNEC, requires the 2022 Contracted Professionals to update their data on the KNEC cp2 portal.

The council has deployed Supervisors, Invigilators and Centre managers who will be in charge of this year’s Kenya Certificate of the Secondary Education, KCSE, and Kenya Certificate of Primary Education, KCPE, exams.

The Principal or head teacher (Centre Manager) will then mark the attendance register online, for all the contracted officers.

How to update data online, by Knec 2022 contracted professionals:

  1. Visit the KNEC contracted professionals’ portal by using the address/ URL; https://cp2.knec.ac.ke
  2. For a new user, click on ‘CREATE ACCOUNT’ tab.
  3. Then, enter your mobile phone number in the format 2547….., confirm the mobile phone number (by re-entering it) and click on ‘CREATE ACCOUNT’.
  4. You will receive a successful account creation message on your window.
  5. Your User Name and Password will be sent to the Phone number that you registered with.
  6. Now log into the Portal by entering your User Name (which is in the format) 2547….. and your secret password. Enter them into the contracted professionals home page at https://cp2.knec.ac.ke and click on ‘LOG IN’.
  7. Once logged in, Provide your personal and other required  information like: Full name, Year of Birth, Gender, National ID Number, KRA PIN Number, Email, Highest Qualification, Current Work Station and Next of Kin Details. Then click on ‘SAVE’.

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How to Mark the Attendance Register for 2022 Knec Contracted Professionals:

The contracted professionals’ attendance register is marked by the Centre Manager on a daily basis during the examination period. This shall be carried out by the Centre Manager. To mark the register:

  • Visit the KNEC contracted professionals’ portal by using the address https://cp2.knec.ac.ke
  • To log in, Type the User name and password, as provided by the Sub County Director. These log in credentials are for the examination centre and not those of the Centre manager.
  • Once logged in, mark the daily attendance for the Supervisor, Invigilator, Security personnel and the centre manager. The attendance register is marked on a daily basis during the exam administration period for the centre.
  • For the 2022 KCSE examination, the register will be marked between November/December, 2022.
  • Mark the register online by indicating P (present) and Ab (for absent).
  • At the end of the exam administration period,the centre manager will then download the attendance register,countersign it and submit it to the Sub County Director.
  • It is important to note that any Knec contracted professional whose attendance is not marked online may miss his/her pay.

For any difficulties and/ or challenges, contact the Sub County Director or the KNEC officers by using the official contacts.


  1. As a council ,the work is done well and we acknowledge it. Want to know the procedure to undergo for one to exam a national exam. To be specific kcpe English paper 2 which is composition

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