Horrifying moments in Turkana, Baringo as effects of hunger bite hard

Photo of a hunger stricken local from Turkana county. The ravaging drought in Baringo and Turkana counties has left scores dead

Several people are said to have perished as a result of hunger-related complications in Tiaty, Baringo County. Many others face starvation as the ongoing drought takes its toll. The ongoing hunger has also affected: Chematony, Tobereruo, Panyirit, Kopoluo, Kadeli, Korio and Katikit.

A similar drought that occurred in 2016 was declared a national disaster and over 3.4 million people were affected.

Things are not any better in Turkana County as Close to 0.8 Million people out of 1.2 million people are faced with starvation as the current drought persists. The draught has been caused by lack of the rains at the area since April last year, 2018.

The Local and National governments have come under heavy criticism for neglecting their duties and letting common Kenyans to face the drought wrath.

Below, horrifying images of hunger stricken Turkanas;

Mariam Loolio is 85 and she is blind. She has done 3 days without food. 3 days ago she had black tea; that was her last meal. Kakwanyang’ Village in Turkana County


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