Education Ministry releases disbursement Status of the 2019 term 1 Free Day Secondary Education funds

The NEMIS window for the students' admission interface. The Education Ministry insists that all learners must be admit via the NEMIS system
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The Ministry of Education has released the status of Free Day Secondary Education, FDSE, funds disbursement for the 2019 first tranche. According to the disbursement status some schools missed out on the disbursement for failing to update their details on the National Education Management Information System, NEMIS.

Following the disbursement of FDSE capitation for first term 2019, the following scenarios have emerged: Some schools had missing bank accounts on NEMIS,” reads, in part, a circular by Paul Kibet; for the Basic Education Permanent Secretary.

According to Kibet, other reasons that made some schools to miss out on the disbursement include: having zero enrollment on NEMIS, providing invalid bank accounts, having one bank account (instead of two) and interchanging their tuition and operation bank accounts. The Ministry released funds to schools last week meant for the first tranche. A total of Khs 36 Million was released to the schools’ accounts. Read more details here: Education Ministry releases tranche one capitation of the FPE and FDSE funds.

Schools that did not receive the capitation form the list of 500 schools which failed to update their details on the Ministry run NEMIS platform. Get the list of the schools here: List of schools set to miss FDSE and FPE funds

Fast forward, the Ministry has directed the schools to undertake the following interventions, immediately:

  1. Schools with missing and erroneous bank accounts to update them on NEMIS portal by Monday, 4th February, 2019.
  2. Schools with erroneous bank accounts will receive their capitation towards the end of the week ending 10th February, 2019 if they (would) have corrected their bank accounts on NEMIS and communication (sent) to MOE (Ministry of Education) .
  3. Schools with missing accounts are required to upload their bank accounts on NEMIS by Tuesday, 5th February, 2019. Their capitation will be based on the data on NEMIS portal as at 23rd January 2019, 7.00pm.
  4. For inter-changed accounts, schools are advised to transfer the net amounts to the correct account before expenditure. They then must correct the accounts on NEMIS for future disbursement.

To ease communication in regard to FDSE capitation, the schools can send their official complaint through the Ministry’s official E-mail, as provided on the Circular to Regional Coordinators of Education dated 1st February, 2019.

The Ministry uses the NEMIS to disburse funds to schools, monitor students’ reporting & mobility and provide medical services via the National Hospital Insurance Fund (NHIF).



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