The NEMIS window for the students' admission interface. The Education Ministry insists that all learners must be admit via the NEMIS system
Students' Bio Data Filling: How to complete the new students and 2020 form ones' admission process by updating their Bio data on NEMIS

The National Management Information Management System, NEMIS, is used to carry out a wide variety of school related online activities. One of those activities is to deal with learner placement and admission.

How to Admit a learner by using the NEMIS System.

Admission of all learners is done online via the NEMIS portal. To admit a form one student, follow the steps below:

  1. Log onto the NEMIS portal by using the link
  2. Once logged in, select the ‘LEARNER’ tab and from the drop down list click on ‘Admit/ Capture Requests’.
  3. Enter the Learner’s Kenya Certificate of Primary Education, KCPE, index number in full into ‘Search (UPI/ Index) and click on ‘CHECK’.
  4. The system will display the Learner’s details; Index, Name, Gender, Marks and Student selected to (Name of secondary school).
  5. Finally, click on the ‘Accept Placement Request’ to complete the admission process.

The ‘LEARNER’ tab, on the NEMIS window, can also be used to carry out the following learner related operations:

  1. PENDING REGISTRATION: View a list of learners whose Registration is pending. These are learners whose details have not been entered as required i.e missing some information like their photographs.
  2. VIEW MY LEARNERS: A menu used to view the list of all learners whose details have been fully updated on the NEMIS system.
  3. LIST OF ADMISSION REQUESTS: Shows the list of admission requests as uploaded onto the NEMIS system for approval by the Ministry of Education’s field officers.
  4. LIST OF PROCESSED ADMISSION REQUESTS: To display the list of learners whose admission requests have been approved by the Ministry of Education’s Field officers.
  5. RECEIVE LEARNER: Used to admit a continuing learner; who has transferred from another school.
  6. RELEASE LEARNER: Used to transfer a learner to join another school after the transfer has been granted by the Education Ministry’s Field Officers.


  1. How do you move learners from list of WITHOUT birth certificate to WITH birth certificate,


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