• Wed. Jul 10th, 2024

    Cheap and quick mobile loans: The Okolea loans App download and how to get lending quickly

    Okolea is an app that provides instant loans to Kenyans through their mobile phones. Clients’ loan limits are reviewed and increased every time they repay their loans on time. The loans are processed online and instantly.


    Download the Okolea app, fill in the form, and submit. The app will redirect you to an easy to use home screen. You are then required to go to your profile and fill in other required details to enable them serve you better. The App is available at Google play store.

    Loan Limits

    When you register with Okolea you get assigned a loan limit after your account is appraised which allows you to borrow instantly any amount equal or less than their assigned limits. Every time you repay your loan on time, you get a loan limit increase.

    Interest Rates

    Okolea loans interest rate is low at 0.5% per day to ensure that you enjoy our facility and repay without experiencing financial strain.

    Okolea app is awesome and here is why;

    1). Instant access to loans sent straight to your mobile phone.
    2). You can borrow more than 1 loan at a time. As long as you are within your loan limit.
    3). Ability to sort out emergency situations when they arise no matter where you are.
    4). Your information is secure and is not shared with third parties.
    5). Lowest interest rate in the market.
    It is easy to use.

    In need of Okolea loans? Get to your Play store today, search for Okolea loans, install the App, register and receive your loan instantly.

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