Saida Mobile Loans App: How to install app and apply for loans easily

Said a Loans App download and installation free

Saida is a digital account much like your bank or mobile money account geared towards givimg you power over your finances whether it is loans, savings, making payments or just understanding where your money goes. The Saida loans App is all you need to manage your finances.


– Flexible Terms
Saida offers short to medium term loans. Use the loan to settle your bills, buy more stock for your business or meet an unexpected need.

– Easy Repayment
Repay your loans on time and your loan amount will increase and your interest rate will reduce as well. Stuck repaying? Request up to two weeks grace period from the app.

– Transparent Loans
Fill out a loan application form and we will give you a response within 24 hours. An example of how much you would repay is shown below as well as additional important information.


– Made easy with goals
Its as easy as Name Your Goal. Lock Your Goal. Achieve Your Goal. You can set savings goals like school fees, new smartphone, a holiday e.t.c.

– Regulated Savings
Saida savings goals are provided in partnership with Investment Banks that are regulated in Kenya – this means your money is kept securely and invested under the watch of regulators in Kenya.

– Free To Save
They refund any MPesa transaction charges you incur while saving your money.

Bill Payments

– All your usual bills
Kenya Power Tokens, KPLC Postpaid, Safaricom Airtime, Airtel Airtime, Telkom Airtime, Zuku, DsTV, GoTV, Nairobi Water and more. Saida remembers your Account numbers so you don’t have to enter them every time.

– Useful Reminders
Saida can remind you when your payments are due or even give you a loan to pay your bills and you can repay later.


– Gain Understanding
Knowing how we spend our money and if we are within our budgets helps us get our finances in shape. It is not the big spending on rent that can break our budget, it is the small things every day that add up in the end.

– Spending Summaries
Saida have tools to help you track your expenses and answer questions like – “How much did spend on transport last month?” / “Am I spending more on food this month than last month?”


Privacy and Permissions: Saida collects personal information about you that we use to determine your loan eligibility – they use this information in accordance with our privacy policy which is listed on the details of this app. When you download Saida, Saida will ask to scan your M-Pesa SMS and other information in order to verify your identity to comply with KYC (know your customer) regulations, creditworthiness, and provide you with credit facilities. They also collect additional information which is listed on our privacy policy. Saida take privacy very seriously and your personal information will never be shared without your direct consent.

Loan Terms

Saida charges a service fee of 3 – 21% per month (APR 36% -252%) of the amount lent to you based on how we rate your creditworthiness. The amount can be repaid within 1 – 6 months and the schedule may vary depending on your credit rating. Late fees are not charged and a one time debt collection fee may be charged if your loan is later than 35 days. Additional Terms & Conditions may apply – you may see this on your Loans Page on Saida.

An example is if you borrow Ksh 1,000 for 7.5% fee for 2 months, you will repay Ksh 1,075 within 2 months. There are no penalties for early repayment. If you are late by more than 60 days, a penalty of 10% will be applied to the overdue amount. (Ksh 107.5) – no further penalties or charges will apply again.


If you face any challenges with the app, send an email via [email protected]. You can also send them a direct message from the app.

How to get started

Go to Play store and search for Saida. Download and install the app and you are good to go.



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