From the Archives- the late Mama Lucy Kibaki’s advice to women on how to easily clinch Leadership positions (Video)

The Late Mama Lucy Kibaki
The Late Mama Lucy Kibaki

This is what the late, former First Lady, Mama Lucy Kibaki had  to tell women on seeking Leadership positions. According to her, women should seek for Leadership positions aggressively. “Seek leadership positions aggressively… and I repeat, aggressively. You have to put pressure on men. They do not give anything easily. You women give things easily, men don’t,” the late mama Lucy says in this undated video.

“At this century (21st century) you should know you have to be aggressive to get what you want. You can not get it on a silver platter. Aggressively, I do not mean violence to men. I mean, you must be pushing…” adds Mama Lucy.

Watch the full video, below:

Video- The late Mama Lucy Kibaki’s advise to women on how to clinch Leadership positions

The late Mama Lucy passed away on the 26th of April, 2016, in a London hospital of an undisclosed illness.



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