Sports Athletes Management Training Seminar

Sports is one of the most lucrative careers in the world, and a professional sportsperson is celebrated like any Hollywood star. The youth get deeply influenced by sports persons and in quest of similar fame through a fun sport, they, too, take up the sport. That is how talent is born. But, it is not enough to have talent in a sport until they have a good successful sports career. It also takes an experienced person to spot such talents among the youth and establish a connection between the player and teams. Sports Tourism Limited will be conducting a 3 Day Training on Sports/ Athlete Management that will cover some of the Topics below:

  1. Sports/ Athlete Image & Brand Management
  2. Financial & Wealth Management
  3. Ethics in Sports
  4. Sports/ Athletes Social Media Marketing

We have partnered with Key Institutions, Corporates and individuals including renowned leading World Sports Agents and Coaches in different sports fields to ensure that the Training is impactful and successful. Target Audience – Players & Coaches in the various Sports Disciplines
A. Sports Athletes
 Football
 Athletics
 Rugby
 Boxing
 Volleyball
 Cricket
 Cycling
 Weight-lifting
 Swimming
 Handball
 Basketball
 Any other interested sports athlete with an interest to gain the knowledge and skills from this training seminar.

B. Teams Sports Officials
 Coaches
 Team Managers
 Team Doctors

C. Government Entities, Corporates, Sports Federations, associations and organizations
 Chief Officers
 Sports Directors
 Sports Managers in Sports Companies

The fundamental objective of the Training Seminar is to equip the Sports Athletes with the necessary skills to make a career out of Sports and earn a good living by ensuring that they get their deserved spot in the best clubs and competitions around the world.

Once these Sportsmen/ women get the opportunity to play for these international clubs or take part in international competitions, they become brand ambassadors for the country in matters tourism.

They also open doors for other upcoming Sportsmen/ Women!

Training dates: 25th to 27th July, 2019, Machakos. Contact 0726747529 for more details and/ or clarifications.


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