Row between Kenya and Somalia now deepens further.

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Photo- Map showing the disputed territorial waters by Kenya and Somalia

Somalia’s Health ministry has called on international partners to relocate it’s functions from Nairobi Kenya to Somalia citing recent detention of top Somalia officials at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport, JKIA, in Nairobi.
The move comes on the backdrop of the maritime dispute between Somalia and Kenya.

Somalia now says it will not participate in any international meetings held in Nairobi. This includes the UN-Habitat meeting that will be officially opened by President Uhuru Kenyatta on Monday 27th May, 2019.

Here is the Statement from Somalia’s Health ministry;

‘To: UN Agencies, Donors and International partners

Ministry of Health and Human Services of Federal Republic of Somalia conveys its gratitude to its partners for their contribution in improving the health and well being of the Somali people and supporting the institutional capacity building of the Ministry of Health at federal and state levels.

Due to the recent travel issues to Nairobi, Kenya, the ministry informs all its partners that representative from the ministry will not attend all planned and upcoming meetings, workshops, seminars and trainings to be held in Nairobi. The ministry highly encourages those events to be held inside the country or be moved to alternative countries for ease of travel to ministry representatives.

Ministry of Health and Human Services appreciates its partners for their support and looks forward to continuing our cooperation in the future.’