Tough United Kingdom (London) Home office VISA requirements anger Ugandans

The Single East Africa Tourist VISA- The East Africa single tourist visa allows travel between Kenya, Rwanda and Uganda with the same multiple entry visa.

A section of Ugandans have been irked by the tough Visa requirements that they must fulfill for them to visit the United Kingdom. They now feel that same stringent requirements should be imposed on foreigners visiting Uganda.

“We need to address this visa injustice. It’s time we talked about visa reciprocity. If you apply these rules to Ugandans going abroad. Same rules should apply to foreigners visiting Uganda. Enough is enough. And Africa, it’s time to drop the visa requirements to visit each other,” said Mr Ruge; a Ugandan national.

Here is the long list of Visa requirements for Ugandan nationals wishing to visit/ stay in the UK:

1). Hotel reservation in UK
2). Personal bank statement showing
sufficient money to cover the visit to the UK
3). Confirmation of employment
4). Evidence of permission to be in the
country from which the application is made from (if outside of Uganda)
5). Round trip plane ticket reservation (Kigali- London)
6). Marriage certificate
7). Child’s birth certificate
8). Spouse’s employment contract
9). Husband’s salary certificate
10). Husband’s evidence of assets
11). Copy of husbands passport
12). Evidence of permission for husband to be in the country from which Visa is applied for
13). Programme agenda for the LSE Africa
14). Concept note for the LSE Africa Summit
15). Invitation letter from the LSE to attend the LSE Africa Summit stating that LSE is providing financial support for travel and accommodation while in London
16). Invitation from the art exhibition’s curator at the Africa Summit, stating ongoing, collaborative work with the LSE
17). Bio metric identifiers such as retina scan and finger prints;
18). US $414 to expedite the visa process (only accepting online payments)
19). £55 to submit documents and
20). Bio-metric
identifiers at the Kigali visa processing center (only accepting online payments).

This long list is what has been the topic of discussion against the few requirements for foreigners visiting Uganda; see below.

Uganda embassy visa requirements for UK nationals:
1). A passport valid for at least 6 months
2). US $50 paid at the port of entry.

According to, ‘Finnish people apparently love to travel more than any others in the world, closely followed by Americans and Swedes.’ See chart below (Courtesy of;

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