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Mobile loans have become more popular for customers seeking quick loans. Unlike over the counter loans, mobile loans offer convenience and flexibility. Take for example if one had an emergency; that requires financial attention, over the weekend and on public holidays when most banking halls are closed! Such an individual will suffer a great deal. But thanks to mobile loans Apps, one can process the loans online and instantly. All what is required is a smart phone and you will get your loan instantly. Furthermore, mobile loans are paperless and thus very few requirements, if any, are needed. Again, there so many lenders providing loans online. The Mobile lenders have developed Apps that can be downloaded freely from Play Store. Here is one of the lenders providing such loans online.

The Kenya Quick Loans Shop

Kenya Quick Loans Shop connects lenders and borrowers. This is an open loans app

Welcome to Kenya Quick Loan app. This is an open loans or peer to peer lending app. This loans app is meant to be a platform geared to connect lenders and borrowers. If you are a borrower in need of quick long term loan, student loan, investment loan, business loan, emergency loan, medical loan, etc, you can download this loan app and fill a loan application form. Your loan offer, which means terms of your loan, will be published, and app users willing to lend you based on them will contact you if they like your offer, and sort your urgent need.

Information for Borrowers

As a borrower, we share your email contact with lenders, upon payment of nonrefundable advertising fee amounting to between Ksh 150 and Ksh 200. Please note that the app developers/managers are not lenders. They only facilitate a platform where lenders and borrowers connect through the loans app.

As a borrower, you can quicken the process of getting loan by using this loan app since lenders are individuals/companies that are waiting ready to invest their money and earn interest. Since it’s an open loans app, we neither facilitate signing of agreement nor arbitrate between borrowers and lenders. Our work ends when we publish your loan offer, and we do not guarantee that all will succeed. Your terms as a borrower will determine how fast you will get loan, not us! The assumption is that all users are aware of our role before transacting with us or any user of this loans app. Please do not send any fee to us before reading and understanding our app. Kindly use our email [email protected] for any inquiry on a lender, clarification or any other issue!

Information for lenders

As a lender, this is a platform to get borrowers to offer loans to. You are able to choose from many borrowers, and negotiate terms.

Lenders must comply with the law. Please note that lending users must abide by the following:

1). Must not charge upfront fee or security deposit to access loan products unless they are registered by Central Bank of Kenya as a deposit taking institution
2). Must clearly disclose their interest rate.
3). Company lenders must have their business location verified for us to recommend them to borrowers
4). Individual lenders may be required to verify their identity for us to recommend them to borrowers

Any user of this loans app can be a lender/borrower. You can have this loans app if you wish to make money lending to borrowers, or you are in need of a lender.

Users of this loan app are recommended to observe due diligence when transacting with other app users. Kenya Quick Loans Shop is good to try for a desperate borrower. To many users, it comes in handy where banks, relatives, and other loan to MPESA apps prove hard to get help from.

Download and install this App today and get lending quickly.

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