Matatu Operators call off strike, promise to support the government’s drive to bring sanity on roads

The Federation of Public Transport Operators, FPTO, have called off their strike over the enforcement of the tough traffic rules that saw transport services paralyzed, county wide. Most operators kept their vehicles off the roads,a move that saw the Transport Cabinet Secretary direct the Kenya Railways to introduce more commuter train trips to cushion stranded passengers.

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“I apologise to our passengers and we will be back on the road. We request our people who have complied to return their vehicles on the road,” said the Federation of Public Transport Operators’ spokesman, Mr. Edwin Mukabana, this evening.

Earlier, the Interior Ministry’s Principal Secretary, Dr. Eng. Karancha Kibicho, met with leaders of the Federation of Public Transport Operators regarding the ongoing crackdown to improve road safety.

During the meeting, the Principal Secretary assured them that the government is focusing not just on matatus but the whole public transport sector. The Operators agreed to support the Government in this endeavor.

Graffiti to remain on matatus

In a rejoinder, the National Transport and Safety Authority’s boss, Francis Meja, has directed that graffiti on matatus which do not obstruct the Sacco names and windows can be retained. This is after the Authority received unprecedented online onslaught for banning graffiti which many argue is a source of income for many youths. Below, images of graffiti studded Matatus.

Drivers and Touts who kept off the roads found other activities to keep them busy. In Kisii town, they organized a football match. See video, below;

Video; Kisii stage drivers and touts engage in a football match

The government vowed to continue with the crack down with a total of over 2,000 being arrested on Monday, 12th November 2018, for flouting traffic rules, countrywide.

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