Transport Cabinet Secretary orders for reduction in commuter train fares to cushion passengers from matatu operators’ boycott

Kenyans trek to work in Nairobi this morning
Kenyans trek to work in Nairobi this morning

Transport Cabinet Secretary, James W. Macharia, has today ordered the Kenya Railway Corporation to reduce commuter train fares by up to 10%. This comes after most public service vehicles kept off the roads, this morning, for fear of the traffic rules crack down. This led to most travelers becoming stranded; some opting to walk to work with others using the commuter trains (mostly in Nairobi).

“To ensure that the public will be able to continue with their day to day activities in Nation Building, Kenya Railways Corporation is hereby directed to increase the number and frequency of commuter trains on all routes and also reduce the fare by 10% until the normal public transport services resume,” says CS Macharia in a press statement today.

The Cabinet Secretary has, also, urged Kenyans to support the government’s initiative to bring sanity to the Kenyan roads; in order to reduce road accidents. “As the Government continues to enforce the Traffic Law to improve road safety and management of the sector, the public is requested to support the Government’s efforts in order to realize the long term benefits for all Kenyans,” adds CS Macharia.

The Kenyans are already feeling the effects of the Matatu strike since the few plying in Nairobi roads increased the fares, ten fold. A spot check in Nairobi showed the fares going up by an average of 250%. Most scrambled for the few available vehicles and trains.

Consequently, the Kenya Railways has announced  introduction of additional trips on commuter rail way routes to help ease transportation in Nairobi. See schedule, below:



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