Dr. Mercy Karogo, KNEC CEO

The Kenya National Examinations Council has instructed schools to upload Project / Oral/ Practical Examinations marks for 2018 before set deadlines or risk paying fines. Through a Circular, copied to Sub-County Directors of Education and All heads of Institutions offering candidates for the 2018 KCSE Examination, the KNEC warns that penalty for not keying scores online is Kshs. 500 per candidate.

“The Kenya National Examinations Council wishes to inform Sub County Directors of Education (for Private Candidates) and principals that the projects portal shall be opened on September 7, 2018, to enable schools offering the subjects with a project/ aural/ oral/ practical component key candidates scores”, reads the circular, written by Dr. Mercy G. Karogo; the Acting Chief Executive Officer.


Marking schemes for computer studies (451/3) were uploaded to the online portal for download on September 15, 2018, to enable teachers and education officials to assess the project examination. The Kenya National Examination Council has put up a raft of measures to ensure credibility of the National examinations.  Read details here..


The deadlines for submission of scores for: Art & Design (442/3), Agriculture (443/3) and Computer Studies(451/3) is 30/09/2018. While, Wood Work (444/2), Metal Work (445/2) and Building Construction (446/2) deadline is 30/10/2018. Candidates taking practical examinations in Home Science- Foods and Nutrition will have their marks submitted online by November 1, 2018.

“It is the responsibility of the Sub County Directors of Education (for Private candidates) and Prncipal/ Subject teachers to ensure that the candidates’ scores are accounted for and keyed. Failure to do so shall attract a penalty fee of five hundred shillings (Kshs. 500) per candidate for KNEC to key the candidates score”, says Karogo.

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Dr. Karogo asks heads to ensure that all deceased cases are reported in writing and treated as Absent (AB). Candidates who did not attempt the project component should be keyed as Absent and a report detailing circumstances for not attempting the project; to be submitted to the council.

The National Examinations (theory and practical papers) will kick off in November, across the various exam centres, countrywide.

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