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A Kenya Certificate of Primary Education, KCPE, is awarded to Kenyan pupils after sitting for their National examination tests at class eight. While, a Kenya Certificate of secondary Education (KCSE) is issued to form four students after sitting for national examinations.
Once these certificates are lost, one can apply for a confirmation slip from the Kenya National Examinations Council.  Attach the following documents when applying for the slip:
  1. Copy of the certificate(s) or results slip(s)
  2. Letter of recommendation from head teacher of school attended or from PDE/DEO for private candidates and for candidates whose schools have closed down
  3. Sworn legal affidavit on identity of applicant
  4. Letter of recommendation from employer where applicable
  5. Police Abstract indicating loss of certificate(s)
  6. Knec Bank Deposit slip(Original)
  7. Copy of National Identity Card (ID)

Send the application to the Kenya National Examinations Council.

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