Full Details: Governor Sonko praised for airlifting ailing Boxer, Conjestina, Nyanza leaders vilified

    Nairobi County Governor, Mike Mbuvi Sonko, has received unprecedented praises from the online community for coming to the rescue of ailing boxer Conjestina Achieng’. The Governor sent a team from Nairobi County Sports, led by former Harambee Stars Skipper (Musa Otieno), to airlift Conjestina to Nairobi for treatment. He also promised to offer the veteran boxer an employment opportunity after healing.

    In January 2011, Conjestina’s father sent an appeal to Kenyans to help him take her to hospital after her behaviour deteriorated from the norm.

    According to her father, Conjestina had removed her son from school, set ablaze to all her boxing gear and disposed of all the equipment from her gymnasium, which she had opened in 2009.

    The latest move by Governor Sonko follows a video of Conjestina in a sorry state that went viral, this week. Watch the video, below:

    Video: Conjestina Achieng in Siaya

    Conjestina Achieng was once a renown Kenyan boxer who was nicknamed “Hands of Stone” and was ranked number five in the world. She became the first African woman to hold an international boxing title (WIBF Middleweight).

    See video,below, of Conjestina Achieng and her mother before she was airlifted to Nairobi, today. (Courtesy of Gov. Mike Sonko):

    Video: Conjestina and mum at their rural home

    It is baptism by fire, though, for Nyanza leaders for turning a blind eye on the boxer who hails from Siaya County.

    We sample some comments, here, for you:

    @GitzHQ: “My Governor has airlifted an ailing Conjestina Achieng from her home in Siaya to Nairobi for treatment.
    What has your governor done in the last 7 days?”

    @Maurice Ochome: “This isn’t the first time Sonko is coming to Nyanza on a rescue mission as if we don’t have leaders. Conjestina’s has been highlighted in the social media for well over 5 years and none of them bothered to even pay her a visit. I only saw Apuoyo Biggy wuod Nyando posting her photos on social media.
    Some of our people died in October 2017 trying to block IEBC from delivering election materials, some were admitted at Omboo and DISTRICT hospital.
    Sonko came all the from Nairobi to pay their bills and got them discharged while none of the Luo leaders even bothered to pay them a visit ..”

    @Machukah_: (From afar ) 401.7Km, Sonko sends a chopper all the way from Nairobi to pick Conjestina Achieng. Siaya County saw no need to take her to Rehab! It’s just a big shame. Feeling annoyed.”

    @Itsbravin: “It has Taken the intervention of Hon. Mike Sonko to airlift Congestina to Nairobi and ensure that she gets a Job after she undergoes treatment. This is very surprising considering the Ministry of sports is there and the County government of Siaya too.”

    @Onsongonditi: “I wish Conjestina Achieng the very best as she recovers in rehab and as to @MikeSonko today we celebrate you. You have such a kind heart.”

    @LabanSimiyu: “To Governor Mike Sonko this is very emotional,you deserve an award for the selfless efforts in helping kenyans in need latest being airlifting Boxing Champ Conjestina Achieng from Siaya to Nairobi for treatment and rehabilitation.”

    @Gidfreyykip: “Don’t give me food to last me the day when I’m hungry. Instead give me a source where I can get food to feed me and my family the rest of my life. Sonko promises conjestina a job.”

    Cojestina aka ‘Conje’ during her great times

    Conjestina, now:




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