Do not over react Mr. President- Angry Kenyans respond to the president’s directive on arrests of the Ambira boys

    Photo (Courtesy of the Presidency)- President Kenyatta during the Scouting Meet yesterday. A section of Kenyans want the president to abandon the Ambira High School boys who were arrested for abusing government officials
    Photo (Courtesy of the Presidency)- President Kenyatta during the Scouting Meet yesterday. A section of Kenyans want the president to abandon the Ambira High School boys who were arrested for abusing government officials

    Angry Kenyans have reacted to the President’s directive that boys who insulted his Cabinet Secretaries, Dr. Fred Matiang’i and Dr. Amina Mohammed. The president, yesterday, promised dire consequences to the boys from Ambira boys who uttered unprintable words to the two Cabinet Secretaries. Read more details here; Three boys arrested for insulting government officials as President Uhuru sounds warning.

    Informed by the police reports that three of the Ambira boys had been arrested, Kenyans turned to Social media to castigate the government for the moral decay among students. They blame the government for applying double standards in disciplining the errand students. The Kenyans blame the government for turning a blind eye when the same boys abuse, maim and even kill teachers!

    Some people hold that these students deserve guidance and not the punitive action from the government.

    We sample some of the comments, below:
    • @Edwin Sifuna (Orange Democratic Movement Secretary General): “This is an over reaction! The limitations upon freedom of speech are known bwana (Mr. Boinnet) and ‘hurling insults’ isn’t one of them! There really isn’t an equivalent to the release one feels upon finishing high school. What they need is guidance not jail.”
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    • @Boniface Mwangi: “Kenya has criminalized stupidity and legalized the theft of public resources. (President) Uhuru Kenyatta‘s anger very is misplaced. Uhuru is the same President who has a serving ambassador, cabinet secretaries, accused of drug dealing, poaching stealing our taxes still occupying public office. So the inspector general Joseph Boinnet has time and resources investigating misbehaving minors but not the looting of our taxes. What those boys did is a misdemeanor, a petty offence. In Kenya our leaders can disrespect us but we can’t return the favour or we risk going to jail.”
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    • @Sir Richard: “Blame the government for removing the cane from school.The students have become big headed they know teachers will do nothing.Parents are looking for money at the expense of discipline and character.The society has lost.”
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    • @Zach Onderi: “When they insult their teachers, who arrests them? The boys should be released unconditionally and then be subjected to guidance and counseling. That’s what those ministers have always advocated.”
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    • @Muthomi: “All these clowns surrounding an IG (Inspector General of Police, Mr. Boinnet) to alert the nation about arresting 3 boys for a ‘crime’ that is not even a crime when we are being robbed in the CBD (Central Business District, Nairobi) 100 meters away from the police HQ (Head Quarters).”
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    • @Dedan: “Curious to know what offences they will be charged with. There is absolutely no reason to prosecute these boys.”
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    • @Lilly: “I hope TSC and the Ministry of Education are happy with the fruits they are harvesting. They have always said we can only teach the boys and girls and advise if they make mistakes regardless of the magnitude of the atrocities committed. I think arresting the Ambira high school students is more than corporal punishment. Just advise the boys…As Kenyan teachers,we see and hear more serious things than that but we want to remain in good books with our employer.We only advise.We are called names of body organs by Amina’s “good” boys and girls. But as I said, we just advise.How about pregnancy cases? The ministry of education must be sincere and offer a working solution.”
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    • @Norman Magaya (Lawyer): “Matiangi and Amina are not super human beings! Arresting students who are merely relishing the relief of completing secondary education in what form they manifest it is utter nonsense. If anything it only mean Matiangi and Amina don’t inspire the young generation”


    1. Surely is the goverment arresting students who abused CSs, I thought it was an opportunity to show us how to counsel students,is not what they have all a long been telling us?What a double speak?


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