You will not be financed in future if you do not issue free education monies’ receipts to learners- Basic education PS, Dr. Belio Kipsang, warns schools.

Education Principal Secretary, Dr. Belio Kipsang, has warned schools that do not issue receipts to students for Free Primary Education, FPE, and Free Secondary Education, FSE, funds that they will not be funded in future.

In a circular, the PS directs all secondary schools’ heads to acknowledge receipt of the monies by issuing official receipts. Kipsang says the receipts must be sent to his office through the regional directors of education, RCEs. He says all receipts must be received within one month of payments. “Failure to which further release of grants to such schools will be suspended,” said the PS.

Dr. Kipsang further instructs that all students must sign form lists showing their admission numbers and full names as they appear in the admissions register. The list should also contain the total amount awarded per child. “The list must be attached to payment vouchers kept in the school as per procedure and every student issued with an official school receipt for allocation,” said Kipsang. This new directive has been informed by the revelations that some schools’ heads were giving falsified students’ data to get more capitation.
The Circular comes as the government released Free Monies for tranche three of this year. Each student received monies for FSE, this term, as in the summary below:

  1. Total allocation per student: KShs. Sh4,449.
  2. Tuition: KSh1,602
  3. Operations Vote Head: KSh2,847
  4. Textbooks KSh961 per child.
  5. KSh320  for exercise books.
  6. Laboratory equipment KSh128 per child.
  7. Teaching and learning allocated Sh96,
  8. Chalks given KSh17
  9. Reference or library materials: KSh32
  10. Internal examinations allocated Sh48.
  11. Repairs and maintenance has been allocated KSh170.82.
  12. Local travel and transport per child:KSh170.82
  13. Electricity water and conservancy: KSh256.23 per child
  14. Administrative costs: KSh256.23 per child
  15. Activity fees: KSh256.23 per child
  16.  Insurance (medical cover and property cover) has been allocated KSh398.58
  17. Personal emoluments: Sh1, 338.09 per child.

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