Video: Corrupt Policeman cornered by angry passengers, bribe snatched from him and shared

A traffic police officer on duty
A traffic police officer on duty

The actualization of ‘Michuki’ traffic rules has left most corrupt police officers exposed! The hunter became the hunted, yesterday, when passengers who had boarded a Matatu on the Nairobi-Nakuru Highway and witnessed a corrupt police officer take a bribe confronted the police officer, took all the bribe money he had collected, after a lengthy scuffle. The helpless policeman had no option than to surrender all the day’s loot to the passengers.

The passengers then shared the loot among themselves, boarded their vehicle and drove off. See the video, on the link below ( Courtesy).

Video- Corrupt police officer cornered by angry passengers

Policemen have been on the spot for taking bribes and allowing rogue drivers to flout traffic rules leading to increased road carnage.

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