Teachers’ TSC medical scheme- List of required Minet (AON) documents and how to upload them, online.

Minet offers medical insurance services to all Teachers and Staff working under the Teachers Service Commission, TSC. To receive the services, one has to register Register through the Mobile USSD code platform by dialing 384847# through Safaricom and *865# for Airtel. Read more details here; How to register for Minet (aon) services via-mobile; plus the latest list of all accredited AON medical facilities.

After successfully registering, one has to provide proof via uploaded documentation. The documentation includes that for all dependants. The following documents are required, where necessary:

1). Adoption document; for any adopted child.
2). Birth Certificate/ Birth Notification for all registered children.
3). Change of Dependant document.
4). Change of details document; whenever an amendment is made to the originally declared information.
5). Marriage document/ Marriage certificate.
6). National Identity Card.
7). Proof of Disability.
8). Proof of school (A school ID is required).

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To upload the documents to AON- Minet, use this simplified procedure;

1). Scan the documents and store them in a location you can easily remember.
2). Visit the official Minet upload portal by using the link; https://collaborationkenya.minet.com/tsc
3). To attach a document, enter your full name, mobile phone number, TSC Number and description of the document to be uploaded.
4). Select the document to be attached and click on Choose file.
5). Finally, click on upload.
6). Repeat this procedure for all the required documents.

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  1. I went to Minet and they are denied access to group life Insurance for my wife passed away in 29 july this year
    How come its not applicable or should we file legal case as its provide in group life no 6

  2. Comment:I have not changed any of my dependants yet they are being denied access to medical attention


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