Kenya is safe for you- Government reassures foreigners; Tanzanians, Chinese Business people

Photo- Starehe Member of Parliament Hon Jaguar.

The Kenyan government has come out to reassure foreigners of their security within the country. This comes days after Starehe Member of Parliament, Hon Jaguar, negatively commented about Tanzanian business community in Kenya; whom he wanted deported. This elicited debate in the Tanzanian National Assembly.

Here is the response by Col Cyrus Oguna who is the Government Spokesman;

” The attention of the Government has been drawn to a video clip that is circulating in the social media. In the clip, a political leader is asking foreigners who are engaged in business in his area of representation to close their businesses and vacate the country, failure to which they will be forcefully evicted.

We wish to state that this is NOT the position of the Government of the Republic of Kenya, and we denounce the comments carried in the video in the strongest terms possible. Such comments are unfortunate and have no place in today’s globalized environment.
Kenyans are peace loving people who have over the years coexisted with others of different nationalities.

This is a value that we cherish as a Nation and wish to uphold.
The Government treats as serious the contents of the video and has instituted mitigating measures.
Finally, the Government reassures all foreigners in Kenya, and those who are interested to come and invest in the country of their personal security and that of their properties.”


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