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‘Jakadala’ disease claims are false- Migori county health officials say

Migori county health officials have moved to array fears over claims of a deadly viral disease; ‘Jakadala.’ This is after a graphic image of a man purpoted to be from Migori was shared online. The scaring image shows a man on a hospital bed with a badly mutilated genitalia.

According to Dr. Olouch, the Migori County executive in charge of health,  the county diseases surveillance team that has been on the ground for the past one week since the Jakadala outbreak claim started has not been able to come up with verifiable information to inform the outbreak of the disease.

The image shared with accompanying text, that reads in part, thus; “Shock as a sexually transmitted disease called Jakadala spreads fast in Migori, something that has worried medics in the County as they try to analyze the killer STD (Sexually Transmitted Disease)…”

Another version of the explanation reads; “The client admitted at Migori Hospital is a confirmed case of penile cancer and is already booked for penile amputation…”

Dr Oluoch now says the shared information is a  hoax, adding that the  County supplies enough condoms to the locals.

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